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August 5, 2012

DIY pretty tacks.

I've been saving wine corks to make my own cork board (it's not going to take much longer), and until I'm ready for that project I decided to keep busy with a related project, pretty tacks! I had my eye on a few different sets of tacks from Target, but in the end I decided that this Pinterest idea was a lot better.Like my last project, you should have most of this around the house, even the resin cabochons because they are great for making jewelry or hair accessories. I bought mine from Baubles Of Fun on Etsy in mint, spiced salmon, angel food, and grey for $2.95/10 pieces. For forty really cute pins, you would have to pay a ton, as cute ones only come in packs of 6 or so for at least over five dollars. Plus, these flowers are just beautiful and the colors are lovely, even if you choose some of the sellers' other colors.This is the world's easiest DIY, as all you have to do is superglue the tacks to the back of the flowers, which are flat and ready for application. Leave them to dry for a few minutes so that you don't end up with one giant multicolored mess, and that's a wrap, folks.

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