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October 23, 2012

DIY all that glitters is gold canvas.

Soooooo if you know anything about me, you would know how OBSESSED I am with instagram! I follow some really great people who have scarily similar interests as me, and one girl @thepinkdiary (follow her!) has this cute little canvas in the background of some of her pictures with gold foil and gold glitter polka dots that I immediately fell in love with at first sight. So naturally, I decided to make one!All you really have to do is sit with a circle punch for like, ever, and eventually you will end up with a million little gold foil and glittery circles all ready to be placed on the canvas.All you're really going to do after cutting the circles out is super glue them in any kind of design you want. I made one with all overlapping circles, and because my canvas came in a two pack and I still have about 5,419,517 glitter circles, I'm probably going to do another one with more uniformed polka dots. But you can do anything! It's so easy, and it literally took five minutes once I had all of the circles cut out.

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