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October 23, 2012

tunes tuesday // album medley.

The last month and a half in music has been RIDICULOUS. New albums have been released by three of my favorite artists, The Script, Mumford & Sons, and Taylor Swift, and I fell in love with a new artist, Tristan Prettyman, who I saw perform live as an opener for The Script earlier this month.
If you haven't already, you need to go out and buy all four of these albums right now. GO! Haha but seriously, if you need more reasons, I'll give you some!

1. The Script // #3: This album is The Script's third album, and the first hit, though not really mainstreamed on the radio yet, is called "Hall of Fame" and features Will.I.Am, which is kind of a big deal for The Script. The album has their classic sound, but features a few little changes, all of which I think are good for them. It's the type of album you want to listen to when you want a boost in your day. These Irish boys have a lot of energy live, and it really does translate through their recorded music. Check out my favorite track from the album, "Six Degrees of Separation" below!

Six Degrees of Separation
The Script

2. Tristan Prettyman // Cedar & Gold: On October 9 I saw The Script live for the fourth time, this time at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. (The venues the play at get bigger and bigger every time!) My friend and I were under the impression that Hot Chelle Rae was meant to be opening for them, which would have been ok, but instead, this girl Tristan comes on stage and I fell in love with her and her sounds after the first few chords. Her music is beautiful and really catchy, and there is even some humor in her song "The Rebound", which is about meeting a man in Trader Joe's. In person Tristan is hilarious, but her music definitely highlights the very relatable feelings of love and heartbreak. My favorite track from this album, "Never Say Never" is below. Check her out!

Never Say Never
Tristan Prettyman

3. Mumford & Sons // Babel: This is Mumford's second album, which I was busting to hear finished! When I saw them live with my boyfriend over the summer they played a lot of the new tracks and they all sounded so good that I was more than excited when the album finally released in late September. This album has a similar sound to the first album, very folky and upbeat with the occasional slow-down. What I love most about Mumford & Sons is how one song can be so upbeat and the next is slow and somber but beautiful. They are versatile, which is a great quality in an artist. Below is my favorite track from Babel, "Lover of the Light".

Lover of the Light (Live at the 2010 iTunes Music Festival)
Mumford & Sons

4. Taylor Swift // RED: This album is incredible! Taylor Swift is definitely someone I listen to when I want to feel completely understood. Because we're the same age I think that a lot of her music really hits home for me even though we have had very different love lives. She is just the coolest girl and her music is fantastic. I love that she writes all of her own songs, and especially in this album, that she wrote songs with two of my other favorite artists  Ed Sheeran and Gary Lightbody. The deluxe edition of RED, available at Target, is definitely the one you have to go for. Not only are their an additional three tracks, but two original demo recordings and an acoustic version of the opening song "State of Grace". It is impossible to pick just one favorite from this album because right now I just can't get enough of the whole thing, so below is "Red", the album's namesake.

Taylor Swift

Happy listening :]

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