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November 20, 2012

tunes tuesday // one direction.

Okay, so I am absolutely no exception to the rule that most girls love Justin Bieber, and I am certainly no exception to the same rule regarding One Direction. I'm obsessed. I appreciate them for not being a typical pop band and actually having some really great ballads and slow songs. A great thing on their side is that they have Ed Sheeran writing a few songs for them. Ed is great, but five voices harmonizing each other through a classic Ed Sheeran song is just pure beauty. Their voices are like butter. Butter.One Direction's new album Take Me Home came out last Tuesday, but I decided to give myself a week to listen to it before posting. I probably could have written a full novel about it after the initial listen, but if it is even possible, the album gets better and better with every listen.

Another great thing about this album is that there are actually a total of 20 songs. Depending on which version you buy, there are a few extra tracks. I bought the deluxe yearbook edition on iTunes, but if you go Target, there's a special deluxe edition, much like the version they put out for Taylor Swift, which has ANOTHER three songs not on the version I got. I still need to get my hands on those three songs, and once I do, that will be 20 new songs total for the adorable boys of One Direction, (especially Harry! Who's your fave?).

Like I said, Ed Sheeran has written a few songs for One Direction, including 'Moments' on their first album, Up All Night, and 'Little Things' on this album. However, if you take a listen below to my favorite song on the new album, 'Over Again', you can tell that it is definitely written by Ed, as it is totally his style. I can't officially find it anywhere that he wrote it, but all over google are blogs and fan sites that say he wrote it. But I promise, if you know Ed Sheeran, you don't need proof he wrote it after hearing the first few notes alone. So take a listen below to 'Over Again' and go buy Take Me Home! 

                                                       Over Again
                                                       One Direction
                                                       TAKE ME HOME

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