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April 17, 2013

wishlist wednesday // tees me!

Hey ya'll! This Wishlist Wesnesday is all about t-shirts. I'm a nanny by day, which means a lot of tees and sweats during the week and all of my cute clothes in the closet to be saved for the weekend. So while pinteresting, I saw a bunch of cute tees, which then made me want to pursue other ideas! I have compiled a few that I think are absolutely adorable. To be honest, I would probably wear all of these with yoga pants because they would all end up getting covered in squished banana and drool (or worse), but depending on the location of a night out with friends, I could imagine myself wearing a few of these under a blazer or with a skirt for drinks or a low-key restaurant. That being said I imagine the most play these shirts would get besides work would be at the gym or in bed, but it's nice to think of the options!

And by the way, before you mention it, I'm aware that all of these shirts are in grayscale with the sporadic touch of red. Disclaimer: I did not create these shirts, I just love the crap outta them. Thank you.
1// Pitch Perfect Fat Amy quote tee from
2// "Little Spoon" tank from Look Human (and find its adorable "Big Spoon" companion here).
3// Harry Potter horcrux tee from
4// Bridesmaids quote tee from Look Human.
5// "Home." tee (NY version) from
6// Baseball Pants thank-you prayer tank from (you guessed it) Look Human.
7// The Breakfast Club Bender tank, also from Look Human.
8// "Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible" tee from

Rant about all of these in order: obviously if you've seen Pitch Perfect you know this quote because it's definitely one of the more laugh out loud ones. I love this movie, and Rebel Wilson, whose character calls herself "Fat Amy" (who says this line). If you haven't seen the movie, it's pretty funny, really cute, and there is some really great music.

The little spoon tank just makes me want to create a barf-worthy scene for a photoshoot with my boyfriend while he was wearing the big spoon tank. It would be adorable. Sorry not sorry.

The third tee is obviously self-explanatory if you're a Harry Potter love like me. I started reading Harry Potter at age 7 when it first came out in print, and man, it love at first sight! There are a lot of people who love Harry Potter (and a lot of people who get judged for it) but it is really the first thing i can remember reading on my own. I have always been a bookworm and I just feel like HP kind of set the stage for everything to come. I read all different types of books, but there's nothing like a good Harry Potter book now and again, so I would definitely rock this t-shirt with absolute pride.

The next tee is another quote from a movie, one of my favorites, Bridesmaids. When Kristen Wiig is loaded on the plane to Vegas I shoot water I didn't even drink out of my nose. It's hilarious. Enough said.

The New York tee is really cool because it's a one of a kind design idea (I think). On you can choose which state you're reppin and BAM - home pride. I just love the idea of it, especially because Long Island is actually pictured on the NY version (it's left out in depictions of NY more than one would think), and that's where I'm from! Whoooop. In a smooth transition, because I'm from New York I'm a Yankee fan, which brings us to the next shirt. There is nothing, NOTHING, like a lean, muscle-y baseball ass (pardon my French) in a pair of baseball pants. I repeat: capital N Nothing. So yes, I thank God for them, among many other more practical things like my blessed life, but I like to give thanks where it's deserved.

The Breakfast Club tee just reminds me of the years when this film was completely relevant to my life not only because it's super relatable in society, but because I was actually in high school when I really appreciated this movie for the first time. It's such a classic movie with awesome 80's music and an epic freeze-frame ending of a fist to the air (depicted on the shirt, obv), and I just love everything about it. So this tank is kind of a must-have.

And the last tee is just so much fun. I actually take embarrassing pride in my love for certain rap music and my ability to memorize almost any rap and perform it (usually drunk and in the company of friends- sometimes drunk in the company of strangers. You win some, you lose some.) Whenever I'm performing a perfect rendition of a rap, I truly do feel invincible, as should everyone else.

Most of these tees are from, which has a number of funny designs including movie quotes, funny sayings, ironic quotes, silly pictures, etc. However, if I had to pick an absolute favorite-must-have-now it would be number 5 from thehomet. I'm proud to be a New Yorker, but it's getting so expensive to live here, and I don't know if I'll raise my family here when the time for that comes. We'll see! I mean obviously I have an extremely soft spot for Harry Potter and rap music, but I have to rep NY no matter where I am, so I feel like an order for that tee might have to be placed next pay day!

Which one is your favorite?

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