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May 26, 2013

cherry culture NYX makeup mini haul.

I'm a bad girl. I have an issue with buying makeup lately because of all of the YouTube videos I've been watching, and I've gone a little bit nuts. I am also into lipstick now which is something I never thought I would like on myself. Turns out I love it. So there's that to add to the obsession now.
I went on this website a couple of weekends ago that a few beauty girls I subscribe to recommended called cherry culture. They were having a 40% off everything sale, which is awesome. Obviously I took advantage. Most of the things that I bought were lip products and all but one thing were NYX. This brand is for sure my favorite cheap-o brand because everything is so good. Their lipsticks, lip balms, lip butter glosses - everything for your lips basically - smell absolutely delicious. That's a big deal for me, I hate the way normal lipsticks smell. And in the drugstore the products are already really well priced, so 40% off of everything was like dirt cheap and I ended up getting 11 things for $22.80. Amazinnnnnng. One thing is not pictured above because it was a dinky chapstick that I threw in there to go over $20 for free shipping, and the other product is for a pen pal, so I don't want to show it!
Like I said, most of what I got were lipsticks, and these were the colors I got. The first two are black label lipsticks, which is the first type of lipstick I ever got from them. They go on really smooth and stay on forever. The second is a color lip balm, which adds just a little bit of sheer color while also mousturizing your lips. The third is a glam lipstick aqua luxe, which is super sparkly. The second to last is a lipstick in "lipsmacking fun colors", which I think smelt the nicest even though they all smell delish, and the last one is an LA Girl crème lipstick, which is more of a matte looking lipstick. Aside from the LA Girl one, there's a lot of red and corally pink there, but that's what I've been most comfortable wearing lately, so having a lot of variation within those two color groups is how I'm justifying having 4 million to myself.

Because yesterday was stormy and gross and I couldn't wait to try everything, I photographed in the grossest light, but you can get a pretty good idea of all of the colors based on the swatches I did.
(From left to right)

1// LA Girl crème lipstick in 'True Love' 
2// NYX Lipsmacking Fun Colors in 'Peach Bellini'
3// NYX Glam Aqua Luxe in 'Razzle Dazzle'
4// NYX Color Balm in 'Sukriya'
5// NYX Black Label Lipstick in 'Ruby'
6// NYX Black Label Lipstick in 'Off the Beaten Path'

I also got a NYX blush in 'Pinched', a NYX eyeshadow in 'Nutmeg', and a NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 'Hot Red', which are shown in the first photo.

Peach Bellini
My favorite for sure after testing them all is the Peach Bellini. It goes on really smooth and just has a little bit of a sheen, which is nice. The Aqua Luxe is a little too sparkly, but looks more like a lip gloss so it's okay, and the LA Girl color is actually a really hot pink color, but if you look at the swatch, it doesn't look hot pink at all. Everything else on cherry culture was really true to swatch I think, except for this one. The lipstick isn't out of this world so I probably wouldn't even buy another of the same type anyway, so problem solved there.

Cherry culture is having a 20% memorial day sale right now, and they're definitely worth a look, but I think the 40% off sale comes around every once and a while so it's worth the wait I think. But 20% off is still good and that runs until May 28, and they always have a sale section between 20-50% off of popular items, not necessarily things that are on clearance or anything. So all in all, I enjoyed my experience on cherry culture and think I will definitely use them again when another good sale comes around.

Happy shopping!

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