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June 2, 2013

may favorite things.

I have a lot of favorite things, which seems a bit unfair to all of the things because they can't really all be my favorite, but whatever. There have been a bunch of things I have been loving in the month of May, so I figured I'd share them because, well, I feel like it firstly, and secondly, I have found a few of these favorite things reading other peoples' blogs and watching youtube videos. So it's all worth sharing in my opinion, even if only one person who reads this tries one thing and loves it.
1// So firstly, I've always been into makeup, but ever since starting to watch beauty YouTubers, I've become a little bit more obsessed. One of my favorite things that I bought as a result of all these videos is the Sigma F05 Small Contour brush. I have cheek bones, everyone has cheek bones. But mine, however, are verrrrryyyy padded, therefore usually not visible. I have a really round face, which is a bummer, so using this contour brush and my favorite bronzer has been like using a magic wand. *poof* cheek bones. This brush is so perfect for creating definition under the cheek bone to make it look like you're a Victoria's Secret model. Maybe not that far, but you catch my drift.

2// Lipstick is another thing that I've just started to like on myself, and since it's summer and I love corally pink shades in summer for clothes and accessories, I figured I'd try a lipstick in that color to match. I went with a cheaper brand to test out first, and I actually fell in love with the Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids in shocking coral. It is the perfect coral shade, it's inexpensive, and it smells like bliss. I've been using this lipstick on nights out allllll month and plan on checking out a few different shades in this line because I really, really like the way they look and feel on my lips.

3// Essie's hip-anema nail polish was kind of a last minute buy when I was at my favorite beauty store, Harmon's early in May. I was at the checkout line with my arms full of products because I am always in denial that I need a basket whenever I go in there. I'm only going in for one thing! Yeah right. So anyway, I'm standing on line and am instantly drawn to this nail polish. It is the most gorgeous bright red-orange I've ever seen and it goes on like a dream. Essie polish is not my favorite to apply, I prefer OPI most of the time, but I like Essie's colors better so I have to choose my battles. This color is an awesome summery bright and I looooove it.

4// THESE SANDALS. I cannot get enough of them. I'm wearing them with everything now that the weather has gotten nice, even though I bought them months ago. They have quickly become my favorite sandals, a definite #targetdoesitagain find, and at 17 bucks, I mean really. They are so cute and go with basically everything (at least that's what I'm telling myself so I can wear them every day) and they would look good on anyone. They also frame the tattoo on my foot really nice, whereas most sandals I own partially cover it. It's a nice bonus.

5// I got my first two pieces of Stella & Dot jewelry for Christmas (a bracelet and a necklace), and I really like their line. There are a lot of things that are so very me, so when my instagram friend and pen pal Carmen became a stylist recently, I decided to support her new endeavor (any excuse I can find to shop) and buy some goodies for myself that had been in my S&D cart for a while. This bracelet, the Christina, is so cute I can't even handle it. I've been looking at a ton of link bracelets lately, and I'm so glad that I chose to purchase this one. I've been wearing it all May and will wear it all summer. If you're interested in purchasing from S&D, follow this link to check out Carmen's profile and purchase your jewels from her, because she's awesome!

6// I am a bathing suit whore. I love finding a great suit (maybe two) every summer. Earlier in May I purchased this mix and match set from Target, my favorite place ever, and I'm obsessed. I got a mix and match bandeau top last summer that is the same as this one but in a black and white stripe pattern, so I knew I wanted another one in the same style this summer. The polka dots are so cute, and you can pair it with any of the bottoms. They have matching polka dot ones, solid colors, and more. I chose the tomato color and solid bottoms to go with my polka dot top and I got a bunch of compliments on it.

7// This is an odd favorite, but if you love a good pen to doodle with, write with, etc., these Papermate Liquid Flair pens are great. I like writing with ballpoint pens, but when I'm doodling or doing my fake little version of calligraphy, I like using these because they are so smooth and pigmented. I've been using them all month to make little doodles and I'm hoping that some of them will make their way to prints to add to my Etsy shop in the future.

8// This little cutie is Tyler Oakley. He's a YouTuber, and a hilarious one at that. I die laughing every time I watch his videos. He's funny and sassy and so adorable. Everything that comes out of his mouth is comedy, so I get stuck for hours watching his videos, completely foregoing all other important activities I had planned. He's so worth watching if you like to laugh, and let's be real, who doesn't like to laugh? So check out his YouTube, twitter, instagram, and just basically stalk his life. Like I do. Oops.

9// IMAGINE DRAGONS. Holy moley. I'm obsessed with them. Stay tuned for a Tunes Tuesday post about them very soon (possibly even Tuesday!)  They are just so great. Like so great. I won't go into too much detail since I'll be talking about them again very soon, but they are so worth checking out. They are super talented and their music is so my speed and I love them so at least go to iTunes and give them a listen. For me. Do it. Now.

10// These last little babies are the Urbanears Plattan headphones in the color I own them, Ocean. I can't seem to find this color on their website anymore, but I bought mine from Bloomingdales, and they also sell this color (and most other ones ever made) on amazon. But there are so many awesome colors to choose from, and they are the most colorful, non dorky, over-the-ear headphones that I have ever seen/owned. The sound quality is great, and I can listen to music for hours without them hurting the slightest bit. So I highly recommend them if you're over the whole earbuds thing or just want to try something new.

So those are some of my favorite things for May and beyond. I hope you check at least a few of them out and find something pretty/fun/awesome that fits in your life somehow.

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