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June 18, 2013

tunes tuesday // the 20/20 experience.

Cutting to the chase here, Justin Timberlake is a god. He was my first crush as a kid, the first poster on my wall, my first "kiss" (with the poster on the wall), and now, he's all grown up, as am I, and he's sexy as ever. The fact that he's married, though I'm bitter, only adds to the charm because it's obvious that he's such a romantic. His newest album, The 20/20 Experience has a different feel to it than his previous two albums and of course his music from the N'Sync days, but you can feel that it's the JT that was always around finally coming into his own.

The music on this album has a little more of a bluesy, jazzy feel to it, and all of the tracks are long, but not drawn out at all, I just think he was really vibing while he was making the music and let it all floooooooow out of him.

Most of the album is about love in general and his romance with new wifey Jessica Biel (hearts all over the world, including mine, broke on that wedding day), and it's just the cutest thing. He really is such a stud.

The best thing about JT, for me at least, is he is a quadruple threat. He sings, he dances (well), he acts, and he's awesome at improv comedy. I love his music and movies, and I loooove watching him dance, but my favorite thing about him is definitely his ability to make me and others laugh. His skits on SNL are absolutely laugh out loud, tears streaming down your face funny. One of my favorite skits, and probably a million other peoples' favorite, is this one. He just kills me. And his latest hosting experience on SNL, his fifth one, was a huge success - the show got more views on that night in March than it had in about a year.

I'm not totally positive on how true this is, but my cousin Jonathan, who loves JT (and also kind of reminds me of him both physically and in his humor), said that Justin wanted to be a full time member of the SNL cast a while ago and was denied. I personally think that would be the best thing for the show since Christopher Walken, but I guess now with the new album and a new movie coming out soon he's a little busy. And I suppose he also has to be around for his new wife a bit. I mean whatever.

So the track I picked off of his album is one of his singles and it's all over the radio. Normally I try to pick a track that isn't as mainstreamed because it hasn't been heard before, and most of the time my favorite track isn't a single (yet), but this song is just. It is just beyond words. It's so perfect, and the video for it is even more perfect. It's written about his grandparents' relationship, and if you watch the video you can kind of seeing where his train of thought was when he wrote it. I love it, I'm obsessed with it, I can't get enough of it. The end.

Justin Timberlake

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