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June 25, 2013

tunes tuesday // passenger.

This week's tunes tuesday is back to the kind of music I really, really love: folk. Passenger used to be a band with multiple members, but after their split up, the founder Mike Rosenberg decided to keep the name for his solo work. He released the album "All the Little Lights" last year, and it is so good. Rich's brother actually got this for me for my birthday (maybe? I'm the worst) and it took
me a while to get around to really listening to it until about a month ago. The album is different. Not every song is all about love and romance and heartbreak, some of them are actually kind of funny. One of them, called 'I Hate', is literally just a list of things that Mike hates, and it's pretty silly.

I think the way Rich's brother Ed heard about Passenger is because Mike toured with Ed Sheeran last year, and he's a shared love between me, Rich, and Ed. So far in America, just like Ed Sheeran at first, Passenger has not caught on. This is something I'm so used to and have talked about countless times, but the first single off of this album 'Let Her Go' has hit #1 in sixteen countries, so it's just a matter of time before this song is played on the radio right after a techno or pop hit. It's annoying to me because I think that folk should have it's own place and not be downgraded by being overplayed to a lot of people who normally would never like a folk song, but it's good publicity for the artist and that's what's more important at the end of the day I suppose.

The song 'Let Her Go' is an obvious single compared to the rest of his album and also just because of the nature of the song, but it seriously is a beautifully written song and the music is so relaxing and lovely. I really love it's message, the classic "you don't know what you have until it's gone", because it makes the song so relatable. The video is very simple, basically just men, instruments and the occasional shot through fairy lights. It's a whole package, and I love it so much.

Listen for yourself, and definitely check out the video and the rest of the album if you like what you hear. Like I mentioned, the rest of the album isn't as mainstream, which is why this song is the obvious single, but I love it, and if you like folk and exploring other types of music, you'll like it too. Happy Tuesday :)

                                                       Let Her Go
                                                       ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS

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