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June 26, 2013

water babies.

I woke up Monday morning and just knew it was going to be a good day. I got to work and was immediately greeted by a smiling Max, and straight after breakfast we couldn't wait to put on swim suits and head outside. We texted Brooks, Max's best friend, and his nanny Dionne to come over and play with us, and set up his water table and squirt pool.
The only thing I love more than watching a toddler play and explore, is watching them play and explore with another child. Brooks and Max are a couple months apart and are attached at the hip most of the time. Watching the two of them develop individually and as a pair over the last six months has been so amazing to see. They interact so much more now, calling to each other by name and using phrases like "come here!" and "let's go over there!" It's awesome.
Today was a great day to watch. The boys were dumping water on each other and running around on the grass and through the squirt pool splashing everything. They played in the water table and focused on what each type of toy did - some had small holes in the bottom, some had lines cut out - and smiled and laughed when they figured out how and why the water was spilling out of their buckets.
It seems like such a simple thing, running around outside in some water and playing with plastic solo cups, but to a two year old it is all so much more. Every single moment is a learning experience, and kids pick up so much more than you think, especially at this age. It's so great to watch them grow and learn how to do such little things that we take for granted as developed adults.
It's also great that kids' towels are made with little hoods. It's the little things.
And that was our day. We splashed and laughed until lunch, took a nap, and finished off the day with some car watching out the big front window. Again, little things.

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