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June 9, 2013

we have both paid attention for a large portion of the last five years.

I did a questionnaire the other day about myself and Rich's relationship, and then sent him the questions so that he could fill in his answers and then we could compare. I was expecting some of the questions like "who is smarter" and "who is more stubborn" to get a little hairy because I assumed we'd both be in denial about our own traits, but it turns out we actually agree on most of the answers. Looks like we've been paying attention to each other for the last five years. Good.
So here are Rich's answers to the same questions that I answered:

What are your middle names? 
Graham and Marie
How long have you been together? 
4 years, 11 months 
How long did you know each other before you started dating?
About a month
Who made the first move?
Duh. Alessia
Who asked whom out?
How old are each of you? 
23 (A) and 26 (R)
Whose siblings/family do you see the most?
Has to be mine!
Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? 
Living on different continents
Are you from the same home town?
Did you go to the same school or work together?
Not school, but worked at a sleepaway camp together
Who is smarter?
Who is the most sensitive? 
Where do you eat out most as a couple? 
Olive Garden seems to be our date place, but must be the diner or marios
Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Puerto Rico
Who has the craziest exes?
Who has the worst temper?
Who does the cooking? 
We both do!
Who is the neat-freak?
oooohhhhh Alessia
Who is more stubborn?
mmmmmm me!
Who is funnier?
Who hogs the bed?
Who wakes up earlier?
Rich (if it's waking up naturally!)
Where was your first date?
We didnt really have one! We were at Aylene's house the night we got together. A night off at Diggers?!
Who is more jealous? 
How long did it take to get serious? 
a month
Who eats more? 
What is your favorite thing to do together?
go out to eat or go to concerts.
What are both of your favorite movies?
Into the Wild (R) and Titanic (A)
Who does the dishes?
Who's better with the computer? 
Who drives when you are together? 
Its me most now!So those are his answers, and we were both pretty pleased with ourselves! We answered a lot of them the same, which I guess kind of means something. I wish there was a question about who was the cuter baby, because that would be a toughie. But I mean really, how cute are our kids going to be someday?!

And, that's that. A little insight into our relationship according to both of us, mostly in consensus (yay).

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