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June 6, 2013

why I love being a nanny.

I have been a nanny to Max for the last six months, and it's no secret that besides teaching, this was the job I was hoping for. There are a million reasons why I love being a nanny, but I could go on for days. Here are a few:

1// I love kids, always have, always will.
2// I can't wait to be a mom, but I'm not ready just yet.
3// I've made some unexpected friends - moms & other nannies (my "coworkers").
4// Pinching chubby little cheeks.
5// The face he makes when he realizes he learned something new.
6// I secretly love watching the same movie over and over and over again, as long as it's a good one. And Cars is a good one.
7// I have inside jokes with a two year old, and sometimes they're funnier than the ones I have with my adult friends.
8// I get to do what I love all day long.
9// My boss is a loving mother who just wants me to make sure her kid is happy and healthy.
10// Thursday morning music class with tons of other rugrats.
11// Sunny days spent outside with friends.
12// I have so much love in my heart on a daily basis, I feel like it could explode at any time.
13// My life has become richer and more purposeful.
14// I am a teacher who gets to spend one on one time with her student all day.
15// I'm really passionate about cutting pizza into a million pieces with a food scissor.
16// This face:
17// Getting asked to "howld me" when he's tired or groggy before and after nap time.
18// I feel like my days are full of laughter and joy, something I definitely cannot say about my last job. That job really sucked.
19// Baby laughter is the best sound in the whole world - it's all but a tickle away.
20// My social media presence has become much cuter.
21// Every moment is a learning moment - from learning how to eat yogurt "all by myself!" to going down the slide without any helping hands.
22// Kids say the darndest things. And with iPhones, a lot of it gets caught on camera.
23// I have a life-size doll to play dress-up with.
24// I talk to a two year old all day and still feel sane because he is such a smart kid.
25// All of my Mickey jokes are on point, and I am rewarded with uncontrollable laughter.
26// Kids can fall asleep almost anywhere, which makes for hilarious videos and pictures.

27// Kids can fall asleep almost anywhere, which makes for the sweetest photos and the most love-filled moments.
28// Dance parties at 9am to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse pandora radio.
29// I have discovered I have an irrational love for applesauce in pouches. It's delicious and easy.
30// He learns something new every day, and when it's because of me it's even better.
31// My boyfriend looks beyond adorable with a little babe, and I can't wait until it's our little babe.
32// Kids and their friends are just the cutest.
33// Baby soft skin.
34// Taking long walks hand-in-hand at a toddler's pace.
35// Going to kid's gyms and watching them explore and grow every visit.
36// Being run up to at full speed for a big hug.
37// Even potty time is play time.
38// Toys that aren't toys are the best toys.
39// Reading before bedtime.
40// I feel like I am learning so many things about being a mom and a best friend to my future children.
41// I have become a more patient and loving person through having this little being to care for.
42// Hearing "I love you, Alessia" in his angelic voice a million times a day.
Right now I can't imagine my life changing. My world would be shattered without Max in it, and the pressure from outside sources to get a teaching job stresses me out. I'm so happy where I am and I think that is the most important thing. So for now, I'm a nanny, and a damn good one at that. I do what I love and I love what I do. Isn't that what it's all supposed to be about?

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