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July 22, 2013

and we danced all night to the best song ever.

I died and went to One Direction heaven this afternoon. With Jackie, of course, because we don't do One Direction without each other these days. For the last six days we have been watching the teaser trailers for the band's new song and music video "Best Song Ever", which have consisted of each boy dressing up as a made up character. Niall is a fat, fat man in a suit; Liam is a choreographer with blond hair and pink socks; Louis is a hairy, yet balding, chubby man; Harry is an adorable little nerd; and Zayn is a girl in a skirt with boobs. The teasers were pretty hilarious, so I was excited to see how the characters were going to be put into action.

As soon as I saw it up on YouTube, I watched it four times in a row. It was funny, the boys look awesome, the song is good, and it's just making me so excited for the movie release. Jackie and I tweeted each other simultaneously with the link to the video, and then began a rapid fire texting conversation that basically incriminates us of being crazed women in every way. But whatever, can't stop, won't stop.

Below is the video from One Direction's YouTube channel, and underneath that is my second by second (okay, not every second) commentary. Watching it over and over and texting Jackie at the same time made me realize how many favorite parts I had, so on my bajillionth time watching, I decided to take notes. Sue me.

:30 Harry sitting down.
:34 Harry's smile.
:43 Zayn bending over and the boys staring at his non-existent tush.
:59 Harry's face.
1:09 Harry's 'cute as a button' line.
1:19 Harry's 'dance is so hot right now' line.
1:32 the hmm noise.
1:46 Liam's shimmy.
2:10 Harry's voice.
2:40 Harry...again.
2:46 Harry's smile and the way he grabs Zayn.
3:07 Zayn on a Segway.
3:29 Liam's first raspy note.
3:40 Harry's smile.
4:07 Harry throwing the computer.
4:14 Louis' face.
4:23 Louis' smile.
4:26 HARRY. Ugh. 
4:34 Zayn dancing as a girl.
4:59 Louis' 'which way am I going' move.
5:17 collective pelvic thrust.
5:20 collective booty shake.
5:24 Harry's face when he almost falls over.
5:55 Harry's 'pants' line.
5:56 Harry dancing as Marcel.
5:58 Liam's sweet moves.

Try to watch it and not follow every single note I made #tripledogdare.

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