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July 11, 2013

eating lunch on the floor is fun.

This past Friday I went on a picnic at a beach/town park near where I live with my friends Jenna and Lauren. I brought the picnic basket that R got me for our anniversary last year, and we packed it with some snacks and got sandwiches from a cute little deli called the Sweet Tomato.
We didn't even really do much besides eat our lunch. We chatted about girly things, planned a birthday night out, and looked at orange bands on trees that supposedly keep caterpillars at bay. You know, normal stuff.

The thing I love about picnics is that they force you to be outside for the day. When you go to lunch at a restaurant, you're in the cool AC, and following up with something that is also air conditioned is normally how it goes. Like a beach day, once you start a picnic outside and you get used to the intense heat, it's fine. You're outside and you can appreciate the day and the fact that you are sweating through all of your clothes hits the back burner.
So that's really it. This was a simple cross off the list, but sometimes simple is what you need. We had a gorgeous day, even though it was a bajillion degrees, and it was fun and relaxing. And man, was my panini delish.

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