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July 3, 2013

getting to knoooooooow you.

I watch a lot of YouTube videos, primarily beauty & makeup videos, but through that I have subscribed to quite a few types of people. A "tag" on YouTube right now is a 50 things about me type of deal, which is actually something I really like watching because it kind of gives you more insight into the people whose videos you watch. So I decided it would be kind of fun to do that here because as of now the only things that anyone probably knows about me from this blog is that I had a mug business that failed, I love One Direction, and when I'm feeling energetic I like to bake.

1// I hate peas with a fiery passion.
2// I love to take pictures and wish I had more time to really get a grip on how my DSLR works.
3// My favorite book is 'The Pact' by Jodi Picoult, but 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green is right up there with it.
4// I can't wait to have an apartment to decorate and make into a home, and my home inspired Pinterest board only intensifies the itch.
5// Pinterest also intensifies the itch to have a baby, get married, and photograph my future family.
6// I am an only child, which I hate so much.
7// I own every season of Friends and have seen every episode at least 4,029 times; I quote the show at least once a day.
8// If you set me loose in Target, bad things happen.
9// I started going to sleepaway camp when I was 8, and worked at the same camp until I was 19. All twelve of those summers are something I would never give up, and without them I would be a completely different person.
10// I can and do cry at the drop of a hat. Thinking about something sad, or hilarious, or overwhelming just causes my eyes to start tearing. I can't help it, but it gets a little bit embarrassing sometimes.
11// I feel like I have a deep connection with the characters in Grey's Anatomy, and every time one of them dies I cry so much harder than a fictional show should warrant.
12// I get a superior feeling of satisfaction when I toss something dirty into the laundry hamper. I also have a passion for baby sized laundry. A passion. Monday and Thursday mornings at work are my favorite. Such tiny wittle cwothes.
13// I would move anywhere in the world if it meant I could live with my college housemates again.
14// I could watch Titanic, Mrs. Doubtfire, & Mean Girls on a loop and quote all three in their entirety.
15// I love to scrapbook and document memories in a bunch of different ways.
16// This might sound horrible, but I have an intense desire to have a boy as my first child and until I find out the sex of my first baby I feel like I'll be on edge. Not to say I wouldn't love a girl just as much, but for some reason I just feel like I need to have a boy first so my other kids have an older brother to look out for them, which is something I've always wanted for myself and have been jealous of my close friends for having.
17// I am a shopoholic, but I think I'm a pretty responsible one (most of the time).
18// This might not be worth a full fact because if you know me it's obvious, but I'm a little  lot chatty.
19// My least favorite thing about my body is my thin and brittle nails that break like it's their job.
20// A few performers and bands that I feel like I need to see before I die are The Fray, Beyonce, Of Monsters and Men, JT, Phillip Phillips, and Frank Hamilton.
21// I am not very athletic, but I used to play soccer and I really miss it.
22// I use the words "nugget" and "nugg" excessively to describe cute people and animals.
23// I love ampersands & the way they look.
24// I am kind of anal about grammar (when it matters) and spelling; and it doesn't help this issue at all that my boyfriend can't spell for anything.
25// A man in a fitted suit is one of my favorite sights.
26// I really want to visit Italy as it's my homeland and tons of my family live there.
27// Celebrity baby names really make my blood boil.
28// If Leonardo DiCaprio got down on one knee in front of me right this second, I would marry him with absolutely zero hesitation. I love him.
29// My favorite place that I've traveled to is definitely Paris. It's beautiful and romantic, and if the French didn't get so angry at Americans and the English language, I could see myself living there.
30// I love picnics.
31// Though most girls hate them, I really love tights.
32// I love accents way too much to ever be able to end up with an American. Sorry USA boys.
33// I really want to get into yoga but I just never get around to it.
34// I can't wait to be a class mom, soccer mom, PTA mom, etc. I want it all.
35// My favorite song ever is "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls.
36// I want to write a novel some day.
37// I know there are people who hate being pregnant and people who love it - I just really feel like I'm going to love it.
38// My first concert ever was N'Sync when I was 8, JC pointed at me while singing "if you want me girl, lemme know", and it was the best night of my life.
39// If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be sandwiches.
40// I am a white wine enthusiast. Throw in some cheese, crackers & grapes and you've got me.
41// I am the type of person who rewinds live TV because I thought a commercial was hilarious and worth watching another five times in a row.
42// I wish I had more time to blog, for DIY projects, and to cook.
43// Most people find "Gangnam Style" annoying, I think it's quality.
44// I have four tattoos: "forever" on my foot, which my two best friends also have; "Viva per amore", which means "live for love" in Italian on my ribs; an outline of an elephant on my lower left back; and VI XIII on my wrist, which is the month and day my grandpa passed away ten years ago.
45// My first pet was a gerbil named Nibbles.
46// I don't completely know how to go about it just yet, but I would love for this blog to become my income one day, the way that a bunch of people's blogs I read are for them.
47// The first thing I look at when I am looking at or meeting someone is their eyes.
48// I think dads with their young kids are the cutest thing.
49// My favorite quote is "where you invest your love, you invest your life", which is written in a song by Mumford & Sons.
50// I make lists for everything from thoughts, to shopping, packing, and to-do's. Can't stop, won't stop.

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