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July 9, 2013

june favorites.

I feel like I had quite a few favorite things this June, not necessarily things that I got this month, but things that got a lot of love for 30 days.
1// This Alex and Ani bracelet is something I purchased in May, because a few of my closest girlfriends got it as well. Each Alex and Ani bracelet has a meaning behind it, and the seven swords stands for love, radiance, and strength. Each sword represents one of the seven archangels, and symbolizes love and a radient flame. We decided to get this one because we thought it was a bit different, and like what it stands for in terms of us as a group of friends. I have this bracelet in gold, and instead of the one pictured, it is actually just a bangle with the charm attached rather than hanging. See my instagram post of what it looks like here.

2// I got my ipod nano in this adorable coral color back in March, but just realized a few weeks ago that the Nike+ app on it is actually the coolest thing ever. I thought that I needed a special Nike thing with it and that it didn't work on its own, but I clicked on it by accident on a car ride and realized that it's a complete gem. It counts calories and distance, and you can set how long you want to run or walk so that it can tell you throughout your workout how far you've gone and what's left until your goal. I've been trying to get outside and run a mile a day, which is really a mile a day about 3-4 times a week, but I love having this app right on my ipod so that its the only thing I have to leave the house with instead of my phone, which I'm afraid to drop while running. Also, you can set it to play a specific playlist and choose a power song to play to help pump you up. It's great and I highly recommend this ipod for almost that reason alone. But other than the Nike+, it is such a nice size, it comes in a bunch of cool colors, and it's touch screen, easy to use, and can connect to bluetooth. I love it so much, and I'm glad I ended up treating myself to it a few months ago.

3// This protect & detangle spray is something I got as a sample size in a birchbox, and I have become obsessed with it. No matter how tangled my hair is, a few sprays of this and my brush goes through it like butter. It smells awesome and it doesn't leave my hair feeling greasy. It also acts as a heat protectant and a leave-in conditioner. I think I am definitely going to purchase the large bottle now that my sample size is almost finished; I just don't know how I could live without it now really!

4// I started getting my underarms waxed in preparation for summer, but it ended up turning out that my hair cycles just wouldn't sync up and the waxing wouldn't last very long at all before new growth occurred. The reason I tried waxing in the first place is because whenever I shaved I would get ingrown hairs and bumps every time, so I bought this body wash from European Wax Center to eliminate that issue. I was skeptical that it would work, but it exfoliates your skin with fine beads and conditions it so well, that now that I'm back to shaving for the summer I am noticing that I have zero ingrowns and I'm not getting razor burn bumps anymore. I highly recommend this wash to every single girl out there.

5// These pencils are just the cutest things ever. They're from Amanda Catherine Designs on etsy, which I found through instagram, and it took everything in me to only order one set of pencils. She has so many cute sets, especially the birthday ones, which I think will make really nice gifts for friends (yay if you're my friend!) This set is just the epitome of summer goodness, and look great in the diy glitter mason jar I made last month.

6// I got this beautiful crossbody bag for my birthday in March from my two best friends, and have been using it all the time since. But this month I found myself wanting to use it all the time instead of just when I was going out. The white is really summery and it's a lot easier to carry a small bag whenever I can, especially with all this heat. A lighter bag just goes better with light summery clothing, I think.

7// I don't wear that much make up in the summer, unless I'm going somewhere special, so all I've really been using is some powder, bronzer, and a highlighter. This Mac mineralized skin finish in soft & gentle is the perfect highlight, especially for brown summer skin. Its really shimmery and pigmented, and a little bit goes a long way, which is the best thing to hear when a product is a little bit on the pricey side. This stuff will last me forever.

8// Boots are my cold month weakness as sandals are my warm month weakness. I am a shoe enthusiast, so I love to make sure I have a lot of different options for whatever season I'm facing. These gladiator sandals from Target are perfect. They're cute, have gold embellishments, and are super comfy. Win, win, win.

9// It's become fairly obvious to all of my friends, and probably even now to anyone on here, that my obsession for One Direction has come back at full throttle. After the album release last October my obsession resurfaced, and then it died down a little bit for sure after I had the songs committed to memory and new music started to make it's way into my head. I can say for sure that this time, my addiction to them is back with a vengeance and here to stay. I just love love love them so so much.

10// I got this awesome polish on my toes at the nail salon at the end of May and I didn't want to take it off even when it was chipping so much it was more nail than polish. Then, my penpal Carmen sent me a bottle of it in the mail! I love purple, and summer is the time to break out the neon everything, so this polish is perfect. It's called 'dj play that song', and it's from the 2013 Essie neons collection. I've been loving it a lot and I'm sure I'll get a bunch more uses out of it before the summer is out.

And that's it! I love all of these products, and hopefully some of you will too.

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