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July 10, 2013

love me a new bag.

I went through a few of my pinterest boards this week, and decided to clean up my {{products i love}} board, because a few of the things on there have sneakily made their way into my closet, jewelry box, or makeup collection. I don't know how that keeps happening..

The board still has some pins though, I promise!
1// Singer Esteem II sewing machine: I have always had an interest in learning to sew. I really want to make quilts and be able to stich embellishments on scrapbooking projects, etc. This machine looks awesome for beginners, it comes with a video and most of the things a machine needs to function plus extras. I don't really have that much time to just pick up sewing and learn right now, so maybe I'll ask for this for Christmas and then make it a new years resolution?

2// Lulu Frost code ring, number 8: THIS RING! I've been obsessed with the number 8 since I turned 8 on March 8, 1998. So. Many. Eights. I remember realizing on that day that eight seemed like a pretty cool number, and since it was my birth day it was even cooler. Cue nervous sweating over jersey number choosing day for every soccer, softball, and basketball team I ever played for. I love the number 8, so naturally, I'm obsessed with this ring. It comes in every number, and there are other code jewelry designs in the form of earrings and necklaces, also available in sterling silver. I'm a gold person though, and this ring is rather expensive because it's 14K gold. Sooooooo, someone buy me it?

3// You&Me stamp: I've been a little bit obsessed with rubber stamps lately, and just bought some cute ones from Paperchase, but this you&me stamp is adorable, as is this one from another etsy shop. I might even like the second one better just because it is more condensed and simple. Hmm.

4// Urban Decay Naked 2 palette: There's not much to say about this except I'm in the market for a nice neutrals palette, and I've heard so much about both Naked palettes and the Basics palette. This Naked 2 palette has really beautiful colors that work for the type of subtle eye look that I like to do. I'm all about the golds and browns and sparkles, so this is perfect. It also has a matte black for smudging. Thumbs up.

5// RM Mini M.A.C. crossbody bag: Even though I feel like I don't need a new bag (different than wanting one), I actually do need something like this. I have huge bags and a tiny crossbody, which I posted in my favorites yesterday, but nothing in between. My friend Jenna has this bag and she always seems to get tons in it, so it seems like the perfect happy medium for me. Black with gold hardware as pictured, please.

6// Blair Ritchey tassel keychains: Mint & gold. That's all I have to say about this.

What's on your wishlist?

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