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July 23, 2013

summer tuneage.

Summer is in full swing now, and my choices in music sure are proving that. Sometimes there are just songs that remind you of something. For example, Party in the USA (worst song ever) reminds me of my freshman year of college, and Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World remind me of my younger days at my childhood sleepaway camp. I have a million different songs for a million different moments in time, but I also have music that just makes me think of seasons, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite summer tunes for you all to enjoy whether you know them already or not.

1// Ben Howard - I feel like I talk about this kid to everybody - those will listen and those who won't. I just love him, he's amazing. I'm seeing him live next Monday in Central Park and I cannot wait. His sound is so summery and light. His voice is velvet. He's adorable. There's not much more I can really say but to listen to him. I posted about his album here, and you can listen to one of his songs there.

2// Ed Sheeran - one of my favorite artists of all time, if you didn't know already (broken record alert). I spoke about his album here, and about seeing him live here. He is so eclectic that I can listen to him all day, every day, but especially these last couple of summers I have found that his album is really good windows down, sunnies on music.

3// Of Monsters & Men - This is going to get really repetitive really fast. Light, breezy, folky, windows down. End of. I have (surprise, surprise) blogged about their album. They have sporadically been on the radio here, and the song I included in my post is their most popular, so if you like that then definitely give the rest of it a listen.

4// Avalanche City - when I saw Eric Hutchinson live last summer (who also has a pretty summery feel now that I think about it), this band from NZ opened up for him. They only have an EP on the US iTunes, which is annoying because they actually have much more music, but it is awesome. To be honest I've been meaning to get my hands on all of their released music on amazon or something, but there is always so much music in my life that I haven't gotten around to it. Their sound is really bubbly and fun, and they have cool accents, which is always a bonus.

This is their song, 'Love, Love, Love', which is on the EP that I have.

Love, Love, Love
Avalanche City

5// Matt Nathanson - I have been listening to this guy for quite some time now. He has a ridiculous amount of music out there, so I would find it hard to believe that many people haven't heard of him. But if you haven't heard of him, his album that came out last year, Modern Love, is ah-mah-zing, so I'd say start there because there are so many other songs of his that I love but they're all on different albums. He also just released an album that I bought yesterday called Last of the Great Pretenders. He's just a beast and makes music like it's his job. Oh, wait.

Below is the namesake of last year's album, and it is a perfect summer jam.

Modern Love
Matt Nathanson

What's on your summer playlist? I'm always, always looking for more music.

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