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July 2, 2013

that's what makes you beautiful.


Really though.

Okay, not really, but I've come close. I know when I posted my original bucket list about a month ago, I said I cheated on the live concert front because I already had Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, & Ben Howard planned, but I have revived myself from the cheating! My friend Jackie and I are music soulmates, we love and hate pretty much all of the same things when it comes to tuneage. SO, naturally, we're both obsessed with One Direction (Harry Styles in particular) and decided that since their tour was sold out for the past year that we would sit down in some beach chairs outside the Jones Beach theater and listen to their angelic voices from afar.

However, on Saturday, the day of the concert, I was feeling a bit discontented with this plan. I jumped onto, and there they were: two beautiful tickets to sit inside the arena for $110 each - only $20 more than the original ticket asking price. We jumped at the opportunity. Jackie's exact words were "let's just do it yolo". So we did it, and though we were not sitting where we though we would be, or even sitting at all, it was still the best night ever.
We weren't very close to the stage at all, but we could see (when we craned our necks and stood on our tippy toes because the worlds tallest man and woman who didn't even look happy to be there scootched their way in front of us, but I digress) and make out who was who and what was going on. It was great. They came out after a cute video on the big screen introducing all five of them and jumped right into "Up All Night". For the first couple of minutes of singing along, I actually think I was a robot. I just couldn't believe I was there and found myself bobbing up and down and singing the lyrics subconsciously while in my head I was having a deep moment of happiness and bliss.

Yes, I am 23. I am still obsessed with them. I have a really deep appreciation for a band that can really sing and mesh together, and One Direction is that and so much more. Not only are they amazing together, everything about how they came together is crazy. They weren't childhood friends who started a band in a garage, they were five individuals who were kicked off of a singing competition and given a second chance at success by being put together as a group. They could have found that they didn't like each other, or that their dreams were shattered because they wanted to be solo artists. A million things could have gone wrong, but instead, they became instant best friends and went on to come third in the competition, which doesn't even matter because now they are the number one band in the world for almost three years running. You can hate them for being a pop group, or for being the type of boys that girls age 2 to 100 scream at, or for any other reason you want, but you can't hate them for being five boys who came from nothing only to reach the top together with great talent. I won't let you!This tour, the Take Me Home Tour, is primarily promoting the boys' second album, which I blogged about here. It's been sold out since the first few minutes after the tickets went on sale about a year ago, so it was even more amazing that Jackie and I were in that arena. And like I said, we weren't all that close, but it was close enough that we could see their faces and see who was singing and just be able to take in everything that is 1D. I was so shocked that they were actually 300 feet away through the first half of the concert, that I didn't cry the tears that I thought were inevitable. But like I mentioned in my blog post about them, my favorite song between both of their albums is 'Over Again', and I knew that if they performed it I would absolutely lose my shit. And I did. I lost it. I teared up while I recorded them singing on stage and let a few roll down my face behind my phone. It sounds SO pathetic, but that song just makes me feel really emotional for whatever reason, and I never in a million years thought that I would ever see One Direction live. It was a fast paced day, not something highly anticipated, so I think just being there after buying tickets hours before and hearing a song that I've played on repeat hundreds of times was all I needed to let a few tears drip out.And just look at that face. How can you not cry tears of overwhelming joy when you're staring at that smolder, that jaw line, those lips?

The concert ended with an encore of 'Live While We're Young' and of course, 'What Makes You Beautiful', which was the best way to end it for sure. Jackie and I jumped up and down and danced around (like we do at the bar when we request 1D to the DJ) and it was great. The concert was so much fun, the boys looked and sounded great, they were so humble despite their huge fame, and they performed my favorite song. I'm a happy girl, and there is no better way I could think of than to cross off this item of my bucket list with this impromptu concert.

And to top it all off, we got free stickets on the way out (which I cut down because they were totally for some radio station, whatevs.)

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  1. Alessia, I like your list, especially long walks. I walk 2 miles every day and it really helps clear my head. Pete