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July 24, 2013

virtual chalkboard making.

I found a really cool quote on Pinterest, and it was on a chalkboard background, which I loved. The actual pin leads to a print shop with the print that I had originally seen. Then I searched in pinterest for "make a chalkboard print", and this pin popped up in the results.

I followed this link to save a chalkboard background, and then searched google for a few chalkboard fonts. I downloaded all of these:

I took one of my favorite quotes from Mumford & Sons' song 'After the Storm' and wrote it out using the grutch shaded and chalk hand lettering fonts, added a few dots as a top and bottom border, and called it a day. I just wanted to see what it all looked like and I really like how it looks. I will definitely be venturing into this a little deeper next time, but I figured I'd share what I came up with to start and share it with you so you can create your own or even save mine.

I also screenshot a close up of the lettering so you can see how detailed these fonts are and how they would look if you made a large scale print using them:I thought that this was pretty fun, so I figured I'd share. I think there could be a lot of uses for this project, such as prints, scrapbooking, blog elements, etc. If you make something, let me know!

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