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August 7, 2013

a to z.

I saw this a to z post done by Ann-Marie and thought it would be a nice little addition to my fifty random facts post and to add to my about me page. (Note: hers didn't have a letter T, so I added my own!)
A. age: twenty-three.
B. bed size: full.
C. chore that you hate: dishes.
D. dogs: one little devil dog named lucas.
E. essential start to your day: cooofffffeeeeeee.
F. favorite color: purple.
G. game: to watch, baseball + soccer to play.
H. height: five foot seven.
I. ideal day: a day of shopping, crafting, blogging, reading, and movies with r.
J. job title: nanny.
K. kids: none, but I've always felt like my true calling is to be a mom, which is why I love being a nanny so much.
L. lives: on long island in new york.
M. movie: titanic, always titanic.
N. nicknames: less.
O. overnight hospital stays: never, knock on wood.
P. pet peeves: loud chewers, slow mall walkers, & bad drivers.
Q. quote from a movie: "she doesn't even go here!" from mean girls. But to be honest, I have entire conversations using only movie quotes so it's pretty hard to pick just one, but "rule number 76, no excuses, play like a champion", right?
R. right or left handed: right.
S. siblings: none, and I hate it.
T. type of music: indie + folk, but I listen to a lot of different things. One Direction, anyone?
U. university: of scranton.
V. vegetable you hate: peas.
W. what makes you run late: I can never get my tush out of bed.
X. x-rays you’ve had: ankle, hand, teeth, chest, head.
Y. yummy food that you make: chicken wrapped in pancetta with leeks and mashed potatoes.
Z. zoo animal: elephants.

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