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August 14, 2013

have a six flags day.

Every year my mom's company gets half price six flags tickets, which you think I would take advantage of more often, but I hadn't been in about three years. So I put it on my bucket list along with all of the other fun stuff I wanted to do this summer, which lit a fire under me to get my friends together, buy tickets, and go. That being said, I barely took my phone out while we were there because it was hot and my wristlet was attached to my pants and I probably wouldn't bother to post about it if it weren't on the bucket list. But it is so I will. End of rant.

On Sunday morning me and seven of my friends hopped into the car and drove out to Jersey for our little road trip to great adventure. Two hours later we made it, parked in the tweety bird four section, scanned our tickets (a simple process made difficult by a ticket lady who would not let R go through the turnstile without saying a million things in his accent - I don't know why I keep taking him places), and got on line for kingda ka. Bold move.

Kingda ka is probably one of the only roller coasters that no matter how many times I go on it, I will always get that nervous pit in my belly beforehand, and I was especially nervous this time because I hadn't been on a roller coaster in three years before Sunday and this was our first one. But to be honest, it was probably the best choice we made all day. The line was only a half hour long when normally it takes absolutely forever, and it set the tone for the rest of the day in that we weren't nervous or anxious at all for the rest of the coasters we rode.
After the whiplash that is kdk, we headed over to the green lantern, which I was excited about because I had never been on it, and it is a standing roller coaster, a type I've never been on. Double whammy. Not. The coaster was sooooo average with drops and flips, but also a lot of curves that are the type that make your neck hurt, the line took so long, and the standing part ended up being annoying rather than novelty because after 45 minutes in line I really just wanted to sit for a minute or two. So overall, I'm unimpressed with that one and probably won't waste the time to wait on line for it again on any of my next visits.
After that we went over to El Toro, which I had only ever ridden once, but it is definitely one of my favorites. The drops are huge, you're held by a tiny hip bar that causes your tush to leave the seat the whole time, which is the best kind of ride I think, and it's really long. It's a winner.

Then we walked to Bizarro, which used to be Medusa, but I don't think that they changed the track at all, just the colors and designs. It is another favorite of mine because your feet dangle out of the car. Lastly, we went on Nitro, which has always been the one I look forward to most anytime I visit six flags. It is just so much fun. It's another one of the tiny hip bar rides, the ascension takes forever and makes you all giggly, and the last thirty seconds of up and down drops are amazing. I did black out once on Nitro though during a part where they twist you around tight loops because your brain gets smashed against the side of your head and your vision gets all blurry. The rest of the ride makes it worth it though!
And that's about it. I didn't take any pictures of the roller coasters, I didn't try to sneak ones of the funny faces we made on the rides, and I didn't even get a group shot of the eight of us. Fail. But to be honest, it was nice to just enjoy the day without my phone, and I kind of wish that I didn't even take it with me because holding a wristlet and trying to tuck it into my pockets on the rides was a hassle. But I did get this gem of a photo of a 1D in a log. It would have taken someone a while to carve that in, and it was very high up if you can tell from the  fence that is just at the bottom of the photo. I admire this person's dedication to One Direction. They can hang with me anytime.

So that's six flags ala me. Not too exciting sounding, but it's definitely worth going if you've never been and love rollercoasters. Another bucket list item done, and many more left with a worrying month and a bit until fall! Time to crack down.

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