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August 29, 2013

i love potatoes so this was interesting.

So this recipe turned out nothing like I thought it was going to, but it was still really delicious. I originally pinned this recipe and thought that it was going to be a mashed potato remix with cauliflower, like the pin said, but it ended up being with actual potatoes. And that's why you check your pins' sources before you pin! But it seems from the comments that a lot of people were fooled.
I followed a recipe loosely based on this impostor recipe, and came up with something that tasted nothing like mashed potatoes, but was so freakin delicious. The only disclaimer though is that even though this is technically a recipe, a lot of the ingredients are to taste, so I didn't really do any measuring. The gist of it is this:

// 1 big head of cauliflower
// 1 clove of garlic
// milk (or half and half) based on the consistency
// 1/4 cup chopped chives
// parmesan cheese to taste
// salt and pepper to taste

1// chop up the cauliflower into chunks and steam over boiling water.
2// mash the steamed cauliflower and drain the excess water. Squeeze out any remaining water with the back of a spoon against the strainer.
3// add the cheese and milk to taste and based on the consistency. The more cheese you use, the more milk you can use to thicken the mixture.
4// mix in the chives, garlic, salt & pepper and add any more milk or cheese based on the final consistency.
And that's about it. This made a great side dish to my signature dish, chicken wrapped in pancetta with leeks. Mm mm goooooood.

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