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August 23, 2013

pinterest to-do list // drinks & cocktails.

Even though I haven't finished my first pinterest to-do list, I decided I would start another one from my cocktails board to work on simultaneously so that I have a variety of tasks at hand. This one is going to be all about the art of the cocktail. Actually, that's a lie. None of these are that intense, but they all really appeal to my taste so I'm hoping that at least one of these will end up being a go-to.

1// pomegranate lime white wine spritzer. There's just nothing about this name that I don't like. White wine is my preferred choice, I put limes in everything, and pomegranate is delish.
2// strawberry sangria. I love strawberries and I love sangria. I'm seeing a pattern in my reasoning already.
3// raspberry beer cocktail. Well, for this one, I do love raspberry, don't like beer as much. However, I had a beer cocktail for one of my college housemate's birthdays and it was really good, so I'm thinking we revisit it.
4// pink grapefruit margaritas. Margaritas are one of my go-to's because I love tequila, so changing it up with pink grapefruit should be amazing.
5// sparkling white peach sangria. White wine, peaches & bubbles? Mmmmm.
6// strawberry coconut margarita. Another delicious sounding take on a classic marg.
7// apple cider sangria. I'll have to do this one just in time for fall!
8// sparkling grapefruit cocktail. Have I mentioned I love grapefruit and drinks with bubbles?
9// raspberry mango sangria. Raspberry, mango, white get the idea.
10// strawberry lemonade. This is the only list item without alcohol, so by the end of this I will either love that it isn't a cocktail, or I'll be adding rum to it to get it on the level of the other guys. We shall see.

So a run down: strawberries, good; raspberries, good; grapefruit, good; white wine, good; bubbles, goooood.

See my progress here.

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