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August 28, 2013

rooooooad trip!

When I put going on a road trip on my bucket list, I didn't know if it was going to be something as big as driving to Chicago to see my friend Sheila, or if it would be something a little more low key. Turns out it was the latter, but that's okay! R and I drove out to Amagansett two weeks ago because I had an unexpected Thursday off, and we met up with my friend Meagan and her dad who were staying at a family friend's beach house that I've stayed at before. And when I say beach house I mean the water laps up onto their sandy backyard. Bliss. We got out there around eight and went straight to dinner at Swallow, an awesome little place that has changed owners since the last time I've been there, but definitely for the better. Meagan and I ordered killer blood orange margaritas, and as for the food, everything came as small plates so we all ordered something (then a round two after that). Everything was delish, my favorites specifically were the calamari (which was like sweet and sour Chinese chicken but better) and the muscles, which we ordered twice with two different sauces. Pinches fingers and thumb together and kisses their meeting point. After that we spent some time in the hot tub drinking wine, time that could only be measured by our pruney appendages.
The next morning's early start included bagels and coffee at the bake shoppe, and a wander around the farmer's market. We stumbled across the stand of a very animated woman who owns that company Fat Ass Fudge (as seen on Shark Tank) and bought some delicious peanut butter fudge.The rest of the day was spent in the sun kayaking, reading, napping, and walking up and down the main strip in East Hampton. It was nice to have a day off away from my house so that I had no choice but to sit back and relax. That's what vacation is supposed to be all about, right?
We ended the day with dinner at the Indian Wells Tavern where I had the most amazing prime rib sandwich, and drove home through typical eastern LI traffic. The trip was short but good, and the sunset on the way home was the perfect end to a perfect and relaxing twenty four hours.

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