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August 1, 2013

the terrible twos are a real thing.

Most of the time, Max is an absolute delight of a child. He's so smart, so cute, so loveable. It physically hurts how much I love him - he is just such a great kid. But the terrible twos are not a made up thing. He is at an age now where he has an opinion about everything, it's getting harder and harder to 'trick' him into doing something or not doing something, and he's very vocal about how he feels. This is just a reality that comes with raising a child (or helping to raise someone else's child) - they start to become their own little person with their own set of wants and desires, and not all of them can be met by the person caring for them.

This is what happened one day last week when Max was a bit upset that I wouldn't play 'Meet the Robinsons' for a second time right after it finished (even though it is a fantastic movie).

Every day with Max is a great day, but not every moment that makes up that time is perfect. That is just a real life fact.

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