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September 25, 2013

clothespin tacks diy.

Ever since I did my diy tacks with cabochon flowers last summer, I've had gold tacks sitting around and I needed to get rid of them (they're that flat type of pin that you would never want to use on its own because then you break your nail trying to pry it from the cork).I bought some clothespins from Michaels and decided that I would make some more cute tacks with them so that the clothespin can hold whatever I'm pinning and I don't have to put a little hole through something.Similar to my last diy project, I broke out my Martha paint and cheap craft store brushes. I used medium sized clothespins that are a little less than 2" tall. I used the paint to coat the top of the clothespins, and a couple I painted completely but I didn't like how those came out as much. I figure I could use the colors as a design or down the line if my mood board gets big enough I can use them for color coding because I'm a loser like that.I let the paint dry and super glued tacks to the back of the pins just about in the middle. Leave them to dry completely before putting them all in one spot (speaking from experience). Super simple project - now I just really need to get my act together and put up some cork above my desk so I can get to creating my real life pinterest board for inspiration. For now this mini one will have to do.

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