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September 18, 2013

custom cork coasters.

Before I got a new desk, I had cut cork to put on my old one to create a little mood board, but I had a ton leftover. I decided to cute them into circles and make coasters, which is a project I've been meaning to do for a while. It turns out I wish I bought circle cork coasters to do this with because the cork was kind of hard to cut and a little bit crumby on the edges. I will definitely do these again because I think they'll make good housewarming gifts when all of my friends start moving out of their parent's houses and into their own places. Add some booze and voila.If you decide to try cutting your own cork, you need something circle shaped to trace (I used a big candle) and cut the cork with scissors. I used a blade after with the three circles I cut to make them all even. If you buy circular coasters then this is where you join in.
I used washi tape to create different sized stripes, and a vinyl letter to put my initial on one. There's a lot you can do with these but I decided to start this project at nine on a Sunday night, so I kind of went with the basics. After that, paint with whatever colors you want (I used gold and white because they're the colors on my desk) and let them dry completely before pulling off the tape and/or letters. Tie them up with something pretty and give them as a gift or spread them out over every surface of your house and pour a bunch of drinks to put on them.

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