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September 9, 2013

my new favorite place to get a quick bite.

I went to Smash Burger for the first time in the beginning of this summer, and it was like a burger awakening. Everything about the SB burger is beautiful. Not to mention, I have decided that the way I want to die is drowning in their spicy chipotle sauce.This place is my new "I want to go out to dinner tonight and this is automatically where I think of to go". And that was basically my goal with this item on my bucket list. It's totally delish, it's an easy place to go to, there's one close by to where my friends and I live, and it's cheap. Boom, boom, boom.There were a few new places that my friends and I tried this summer, but this is definitely the place that I think I will want to come back to over and over and have it be one of our go-to choices for nights out to eat. I don't know how it went under the radar for so long! If you haven't been there before - it's time.

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