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September 12, 2013

reunited and it feels so good.

This past weekend I checked off probably the most important item of my bucket list. There are a few that I know will most likely not be crossed off, and I'm definitely okay with that now. It's been over a year since all four of my college housemates and myself have been in the same room (iMessage group chats don't count). Unfortunately this is still the case, but a group of four of us got together in the nation's capital, and a future weekend has been secured and plans have begun for the full 416 N Webster reunion. So until then, we enjoyed our time as four, minus one of our beautiful ladies.The weekend started at nine Saturday morning, but didn't really begin until about 4:45 when I actually arrived in Arlington (the traffic was ridiculous and I went over a bridge between DC and Virginia four times. Rough morning). Once I got to my friend Annie's adorable apartment and watched her boil water for macaroni and cheese for thirty minutes (because she put the pot on the wrong burner - felt just like old times), we went past the capital building and to the train station to get Nicole.After the typical catching up gossip and chit chat, we went out to a restaurant named Fuego, which is so appropriate because even the margaritas were spicy. Cecelia met us at the restaurant and even though we were all dressed up to go out into DC, we ended up in sweats, all piled onto one bed, chatting the night away. It's not how we pictured the night, but it's exactly how we all realized we needed it to be. Just us.The next morning we met Annie's mom for brunch at Circa (which is underneath Chris Bukowski's apartment building and around the corner from The Bracket Room, his new bar. We saw him adjusting the televisions on the wall and he's absolutely adorable). The place was really cute, the eggs were perfect, and the blood orange bellini was even better. We walked around Arlington, the cutest town in the whole country probably, and ended up on a coffee date.Our coffee dates usually result in more chat and this one was no different. We went for manicures after that, a really cool modern consignment shop, and back to Annie's apartment. It was the shortest little visit and so far away from Long Island, but so worth it. The drive back was a little bit easier and I was so happy that I went. This all was planned on such a whim, and sometimes that makes it even better than something that was planned. And like I said, this was probably the most important thing on my list of things to do this summer.

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