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September 1, 2013

summer book // update 3.

This week I worked on my summer book a bit more (in between watching a season and a half of One Tree Hill) and even though I'm not exactly up to date with it as of now, I feel like it's really coming together with the highlights of my summer.A few Sundays ago, R, my friend Meagan, my dad & myself went to Long Island's Battle of the Burger competition, and there was a lot that went on so there's quite a few pages about it. The left page has a napkin from the Amstel Light sponsors and the voting chip that I was supposed to use that day (oops), and then on the right I used the transparency page to show a few of the business cards through.The rest of the business cards attached to the transparency are on the left here, and I added a piece of plain grey card stock to the right for the last two cards as well as the wristband that I got.The left side of this spread is the last of the battle of the burger, with the rest of my wristband and a little buffalo stick that was in my burger from my favorite place. The right is an envelope from Printic, a printing service app that I downloaded on my iPhone to print pictures like polaroids. Obviously it's one smooth piece of photo paper rather than a truly texturized polaroid, but it's awesome just the same. The 'polaroids' are .99 cents each so I ordered three on my first run just to test it out. Two of them are in the envelope and one of me & R is on my desk. It's an awesome app, I definitely recommend downloading it.
These two spread were pretty simple. The top left is the back of the envelope from Printic, and the right is a picture of the guacamole grilled cheeses that R and I made one afternoon. Since we were obsessed with making fresh guac this summer, I added a little tab that I cut out from gold foil paper and added 'I ♡ guac' to one side, and 'guaccccccccccc.' to the other (though it lacks creativity, I crack up at it). So the bottom left that is the backside of that tag and a picture of the corn + feta guacamole that we made together with an enchilada casserole, and on the right is a piece of cardboard from a Piperlime box from an alternative earth maxi skirt I ordered. I saw Elise blog about it, and since I'm obsessed with maxis and loved this kind of heathered dark grey color, I bought one on the spot (I also found a couple of coupons to bring it down to $20 with free shipping. Love me a bargain). I used her stamp on the bottom for decoration and the tag is taped up top.
I left the back of the cardboard as it was because I love Piperlime's little lime logo and it was cute seeing it printed all over the inside of their box. The right is the front of the card they sent with my skirt, and the bottom picture is the inside of the card. I thought the card was so funny so I had to add it in for laughs. I used a paper source label wrapped around so I could say how much I love the logo on the front and the card message on the back.
Finally, the last spread with a little insert are from the day my friends and I drove to six flags. The left is a picture of my friends Emily & Katherine at our favorite bagel place in town (I've never had a bagel that beats theirs yet) from before we left. It's called Bagel Boss but we always refer to it as Boss, so I used snap letter stickers and wrote a little bit underneath. The insert is the six flags ticket, and I washi-taped (this is a word now) the back of it, put a cut out of our tweety bird parking sign, and called that done. The right is a picture of me and Meagan waiting in line for the green lantern, and I used the bottom third of the ticket to journal on.

And that's all for now. I'm still loving it (in case anyone was wondering, which they're not, but I don't actually care too much). LOVE IT.

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