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October 26, 2013


wearing ugg slippers, chunky scarves, tall boots, comfy leggings, and pom pom topped hats.
obsessing over my new monogrammed + studded cross body bag.
dressing max in the cutest fall outfits (and sometimes like danny from grease because it's too cute to resist).
trying not to stress out about being busy and overwhelmed with work and my lack of time to accomplish anything fun.
watching the new season of homeland, which just dropped a pretty awesome bomb last weekend.
missing my best friends and housemates from college already after our super sweet weekend in atlantic city.
getting ready for halloween with pumpkin carving and apple cider sangria (recipe to come).
hugging max whenever I get the chance, and when he initiates one it's even better.
bursting with excitement waiting for the ed sheeran concert on tuesday at madison square garden (so. freakin. pumped.)
coming to terms with the ending of allegiant, the third and final book in the divergent series (thoughts, anyone?)
listening to one direction's new song 'story of my life' on repeat. it's so grown up and indie/folk sounding and I can't get enough of it.
becoming aware of what I put into my body with the help of weight watchers (I did it in high school and didn't really have the capacity to understand what the benefits were, now I'm realizing how perfect it is for me at this stage in the game).
wishing I had more time to DIY because fall is my favorite time for it.
snacking on almonds, mandarin oranges, and apples with cinnamon like it's my job.
missing my man, but loving that I finally booked my flight for christmas so we can count down to a specific date (december 20!)

loving that fall is finally here in all of it's glory and that sweating walking out my front door is off the table.

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