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November 19, 2013

my travel essentials: carry-on version.

powermate for j.crew charger // longchamp le pliage large tote // soap & glory hand food // asprin // camelbak eddy water bottle // urbanears plattan headphones // breath mints // ponds clean sweep make up wipes // j.crew women's camp socks // pb teen fauz fur neck roll // fresh sugar lip treatment // kate spade davie large cosmetic // apple ipad

I am a pretty big traveler, mostly because R lives all the way in England, but also because I love taking trips no matter how far away or how long the trip will be. Read about two of my latest trips here + here. My next trip, no surprise here, is a trip to England to spend Christmas and New Years with R and some of our friends and his family. I am really excited for this trip (even though it means Christmas away from my family and home friends) because I love any chance that R and I get to have some alone time to just be us. When he comes to visit me, because I live with my parents (whomp), they're always around and we don't get a lot of time to ourselves. Since he lives alone we actually get to feel like a couple, and it's really nice.

But anyway, to get to him is a long day of checking in, checking bags, flying for seven hours, then waiting on a looooooong line to get through customs. On these especially long trips, I need to have all of my essentials in my carry-on bag for my sanity.

To be honest, I carry most of these things with me in my bag every day, but on a long flight, a neck pillow, comfy socks, headphones, and make up wipes are essentials that I don't normally have on me. Though I do bring my iPad to work for when Max is asleep and I have nothing to do, I wouldn't call it an essential item until I'm thousands of miles in the air and need a good book to snuggle into my airplane seat with, or a great playlist to keep me busy while I doodle on a cocktail napkin or try to rest my eyes. I am excited to go on this trip because even though planes scare me, I like the quiet, alone time. I just want the flight to go smoothly and get there in good time so I can jump into Rich's arms in the arrivals gate and make him carry my bag.

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