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November 18, 2013

november book report.

I'm totally in a state of mind right now where I need a book to devour every week. The past few weeks have consisted of these three, and one of these has bumped it's way into my top five for sure.

Ender's Game // this book is kind of different from anything I've ever read - from the type of narrator to the concept entirely. I blew through this book, and I really liked it, but to be honest I have no motivation to read the other books in the series. I think this one kind of stands alone and the story ends in a place that I am happy with. I am kind of excited that they've made a movie from this one because there are so many complicated technological elements that I would love to see come to life. I recommend this book if you like science fiction, but even if you don't (I'm not a huge fan), you'll probably still enjoy it, and it's quick.

The Night Circus // wow. That's all I can think to open with. This book was so magical, and has made be want to believe in the impossible. I read this in two days, which probably would have been a matter of hours if I didn't have a full time job to attend to. This story - of a circus that is only open at night, which elicits all of the emotions that make attendees feel like magic is everywhere - was so wonderfully written and beautifully constructed. The circus is the venue for a duel between two magicians, which is only known about by few characters, and all that revolves within and around this circus are (usually unknowingly) part of the game. The narrator is fairly omnipresent, which gives you insight into things that a lot of the characters are unaware of, and watching all of the events unfold is amazing. I loved this book so, so much, and I think most other readers will as well.

Catching Fire // this is the second time I read this book, and man, am I glad that I did. Not only am I glad that I cleared up some fuzzy details before seeing this in theaters later this week (which should be phenomenal if the reviews are even half accurate), but also because it reminded me why this second installment of the series is my favorite. You see so much more from the characters, you feel so much more of Katniss' struggle, and you really start to get a feel of what this world is like as a whole, not just within the games, in district 12, and in the Capitol, which is really all you are introduced to in the first book. If you've never read this, or any of the books in the series, I can't speak highly enough of all of them. And if you have already read them, I definitely recommend reading this second one again before the film if you're like me and enjoy having the details in the surface of your memory before seeing a screen rendition.

I crossed off most of my 'want-to reads' from this post, but am always looking for more recommendations if you've got 'em.

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