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November 12, 2013

november playlist.

I'm super obsessive with music. Once I like a song I love it and if you could be a fly on the windshield of my car you'd probably wish I'd crack a window and let you out. I play the same songs on repeat, a lot of the time one song on repeat for a whole drive somewhere. It's sick, I know, I just love when I love a song. These songs are a few of those 'on repeat' songs and some are 'to be on repeat soon' songs that I've just gotten into because of a tv show, spotify or pandora, or when I'm lucky (and get to drive the boss' car), pulse radio on xm. Whenver I can get my hands on new music I hoard it until it's unhealthy and obsessive. I've even got Max giving me playlist requests in the car when I pick him up from school ("Best Song Ever and Best I Ever Had [a million times] please?" Yes Max, yes we can do that. As your nanny I take full responsibility and am proud of your choices). Listen to this playlist over and over and over on spotify.

*disclaimer: I am not a Miley fan. For those of you Miley lovers out there, I'm sorry, I can't stand her. But Wrecking Ball is suuuuch a guilty pleasure. Sometimes you just gotta give in.

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