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November 5, 2013

story of my life.

Ladies and gentlemen, One Direction has done it again. It is an understatement to say I am proud of these boys. It is so typical that a fan of One Direction would praise the crap out of them, but considering my typical music preferences, I am speaking as a well-rounded music lover when I say that these boys have grown up. If 'Story of My Life' is any indication of the maturity level of this next album, Midnight Memories, I will be one happy girl (I'll be happy either way because I love them, but this song takes them in a Second Direction - get it?!)

'Story of My Life' was released last week as an audio video, and as soon as I heard it I teared up. It sounds so grown up and much more mature as a piece of music. I played the song on repeat all week, and starting a few days ago, the band's twitter rep was announcing things about the video being released this past Sunday. I woke up Sunday morning and the first thing I did was get on youtube to watch. I sobbed. I am typically not a music video person. I think they're a little bit silly usually, the stories are weird, and the acting/singing always looks fake. There are a select few videos that I really love, for example 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran, 'We Found Love' by Rihanna, and 'Beauty and a Beat' by Justin Bieber. I know there's a few more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head. However, this video for SOML has completely topped them all. I like most of One Direction's other videos because they normally go a sillier route that makes me laugh and enjoy the song even more, but this more serious song came with a serious video and it is fantastic.

The video starts in a dark room where the boys are developing old family pictures, until finally they are in a giant dome with pictures hung all over the place. The real photos are then brought to life with present day versions of the boys and their families. Each boy has one picture transformation, and the last one you're shown is Louis' family photo (when I teared most), in which he and his four grandparents are smiling. But in the transformation two of his grandparents slowly disappear when the photo is brought to present day. I think the video is really clever, and it is relatable to anyone watching whether they like One Direction or not. Everyone has photos like the ones shown in the video and everyone wishes they could go back to the times that they were taken to spend just another minute with their loved ones in that exact moment that the photo was snapped.

Watch the video below, and bear with me as I analyze the parts I love from second to second, much like I did with the 'Best Song Ever' video because I just can't help myself. I love these boys no matter what the 'stereotype' of loving them is. I appreciate them and their hard work and how little they get to see their families to take pictures and enjoy the little moments because they are so busy making music for the fans that they love.

:17 Zayn's facial hair
:22 Harry's smolder
:44-49 my favorite line of the song and Liam's forearm tattoo, which I love
:53 Zayn's baby face
:56 Zayn's photo transformation
1:07 The amazing room of photos
1:18 Harry's face. Always Harry's face.
1:22 The way Zayn looks at his baby sister
1:32 tiny Louis with a baby
1:36 baby Niall
1:37 Niall's photo transformation and the fact that he's so much taller than his older brother now
2:01 the way Liam tugs at his suit
2:06 Liam smiling at a picture of his younger self
2:12 Louis' smile
2:23 baby Harry
2:31-36 the way Harry looks at his mom with so much love in his eyes
2:42 the way Niall looks at his brother
2:58 whoever that baby is (Niall?) with the spaghetti all over his face (I wish they transformed that one into present day)
3:08 Zayn's suspenders. I loooooove a good looking man in suspenders.
3:19 baby Louis
3:24 when Louis' grandparents disappear I really lose it. That one hits home for me.
3:27-29 the way he looks back and forth to their missing spots. Rip my heart out and throw in on the ground.
3:42 Harry and his mama laughing
3:49 Louis laughing
3:52 baby Liam and those cheeeeeeeks
4:00 Zayn hugging his little sister

So lots of trends there in the parts I like and the things that caught my eye (#typicalalessia).

Their full album comes out at the end of this month, but three more songs are due to be released before that date, so if you love them, be sure to keep up with me over here because I swear that on this blog that I intended to post crafts and recipes on, One Direction makes more appearances than anything DIY or edible.

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