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December 16, 2013

december/england bucket list.

Though December is half over, my holiday bucket list contains mostly things that I would like to do when I'm in England with R for Christmas. We have been fortunate enough to spend the holidays with each other every year we've been together even though we sometimes miss other holidays in between, so our traditions have been pretty consistent since our first one back in 2008. This year I'll be with R at his house, and since he lives alone I think this Christmas will finally feel a little bit more like how our future Christmases will feel, which is pretty aweeeeesome. So here's what has made the must-do cut for this two week Christmas holiday:

1// snuggle in front of the fireplace with hot cocoa (extra marshmallows, please).
2// watch love actually + home alone.
3// go out for drinks all dressed up.
4// kiss R under the mistletoe (he's essential for that one).
5// watch the gavin & stacey christmas special.
6// cook and bake for R.
7// wrap presents together and listen to christmas music.
8// go to the christmas market in town.
9// wake up on christmas morning and drink coffee in front of our pressies.
10// watch the queen's speech on Christmas day. Just kidding, can't stand watching that (sorry royal family lovers).

I can't wait until my flight in less than a week, to be in the full-blown christmas spirit, and to be able to cuddle with R and live "our normal" for sixteen days. Yay for December!

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