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December 5, 2013

link love.

In these cozy months, I spend a lot more of my downtime snuggled up to my ipad because it's too cold to be outside. In the past few weeks of hibernation I have found a few things on the internet that I'm a little bit obsessed with.
1// this website full of "texts" between Mittens the cat and her owner.
2// this etsy shop, zana products.
3// sugar scape, a UK based gossip website that focuses on One Direction and somehow went under my radar. I am ashamed.
4// this website, for when you hear a song and you know it's in a movie but you just can't figure out which one (or vice versa. You'd be surprised how often this happens to me).
5// and this website dedicated solely to One Direction GIFS. Magic, pure magic.

Any good links you've been loving lately?