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December 6, 2013

project life 2014 // title page.

The time has almost arrived for my first ever week of project life. I seriously cannot wait for the end of this year, not only for Christmas and New Year's, but to start this album that I have been waiting to start for the last eight months or so. When I first heard about project life I found a bunch of bloggers that make project life albums and post their spreads weekly, and I just fell in love with the whole concept. I wanted to start right then and there, but because I'm a little bit anal, I decided I'd push it off until a new year started. I'm glad that I waited because I feel like I really have a grasp on how I want to do things and techniques that I like and don't like, but now that I've waited this long I just want to start already! So this weekend I decided to do my title page and get that finished before my first week starts up.I'm using a midnight cameras album, which is exclusive to Michael's, and so far the only kit I own is the midnight core kit. I asked for the seafoam core kit for Christmas, and because my mom can't keep her mouth shut, I know it's on the way from amazon! With those two kits I think that I'll have more than enough variety in terms of my color and design style, plus I have a ton of other scrapbooking supplies I'm excited to use, I have been making a few of my own journaling cards in photoshop to cater to my specific desires, and I have my new stamps. I have the midnight edition dividers, which I think I will use for the twelve months, and I've decided I'm going to use design A pages consistently, unless I want to add another insert for a particular week.For my title page I decided to fill up the slots mostly with the midnight core kit cards, because even though I am excited for the seafoam kit, I liked all of the cards I chose just fine (the only one I might change is the black and white striped card, because it doesn't bring much to the party, but I do like it there anyway).
I cut a 4x6 card out of the December fireworks page from my Kate Spade 2013 planner. I think it looks good with the color scheme, and it's kind of perfect since fireworks always mark the new year as soon as the clock strikes midnight. I made the "N is for" card on photoshop after seeing something similar on pinterest, and I chose a picture of myself for a 3x4, which I have used as my profile image on the blog and most of my social media for almost half of this year.Another card I created in photoshop is this '14 circle card. I knew that I would want something to journal on, and originally the striped card was my winner, but the stripes are going the wrong way for text, so the writing would look kind of awkward. I am really excited for this upcoming year and have a lot of plans for it, so I decided to start off strong by putting my expectations in writing. For both of my home printed photos and cards I used an EK tools corner rounder, though I'm actually not sure if it's the right size or if I even like how it works, but for now it's fine.The second picture I used of myself was taken this past weekend in some really comfy clothes. I felt like it was an appropriate wintery picture to use, and I just changed a lot of my social media profile images to this one, so it kind of comes full circle with the other photo. I used a sticko brand gold glitter "A" sticker right on the plastic sheet over the polka dot card, and called it a day. I am happy with the page, the only thing I might add is a stamp or some writing on the "hello" card, and again, that striped card may get switched out. Other than that, I'm super pumped to get this project started. I'll be in England for the first week of the new year, so hopefully I'll get some good shots of me and R and his family and our friends to kick off the album. Yay new project!


  1. I love your cover page! This will be my first year to do project life too! I have always been a scrapbooker, but thought project life would be to much to handle! I will have to follow your blog to see how yours is going. I'm not a blogger (just a blog reader)! Hope you are having fun in London!
    -Katrina Goodman
    insta @katrinagood

    1. I've always been a scrap booker as well, I just never have the time anymore! I'm hoping project life will simplify scrap booking enough while still giving me the creative outlet I need. Good luck with your first year as well!