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October 30, 2013


I have been waiting for October 22 to roll around since February of this year, when I finally caved and downloaded Divergent and it's sequel Insurgent to my nook and devoured them both in three days. The first two were so great, couldn't put them down, sat on the edge of my seat, all that jazz. This third and final installment, Allegiant, was similar in that I couldn't put it down, but it was kind of for a different reason. It was less about the action with this one, more just curiosity at where it could and would go next.

I am not unhappy with Allegiant, I'm just a little bit disappointed because I think the way the first book built to the second book was so good that I expected this third book to blow the second one out of the water and leave me settled about this little fiction world's story. I feel a little like there was something to be desired, and that the storyline was a little too straight for me. Nothing had a significant connection to the beginning of the book, and a lot of it was just a little too easy for me. An event was planned out, it happened, it was over, something new happened, that was over, and so on until the end. I am still coming to terms with the ending of it, and I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I like it (I'm pretty sure I don't) because it seems to me that the author kind of clued me into the ending straight from chapter two. I really don't want to give anything away because it's such a popular series, and I would definitely read this one again when I start the series from the beginning in preparation for the movie, it's just not exactly what I expected, and not really in a good way.

One of my tips before reading this (besides obviously reading the first two books for the first time beforehand), is to go back and reread Insurgent again. I didn't, and I was a little hazy on some of the more specific details in the beginning because it has been so long since I originally read the first two. I'm glad that this book came out when it did, because I'm kind of (or was) in a place where reading wasn't really on the forefront of my mind, even though I have a list of a million books that I want to read. Like all of my dry spells in the world of books, reading this one book has really jumpstarted me again, and I am ready to devour my next one.

Top want-to-reads:
// Catching Fire (again, before the movie comes out in November)
// Ender's Game (recommended to me by a friend, and because I guess it's nice that I'll have a movie to watch right after I finish instead of waiting months for it)
// Night Circus
// The Tiger's Wife

I'm always looking for something new to read and often my list grows faster than I can read, but I like it that way. Keeps me on my toes.

October 29, 2013

tunes tuesday // gavin degraw.

I have always been a fan of Gavin Degraw. I love his voice and his style, and from the very beginning I have been rooting for his success. The first song I remember hearing is 'I Don't Wanna Be', which is still one of my favorite songs, and I remember tuning into the premiere of One Tree Hill 10 years ago and hearing it play over the theme sequence. (Hearing this song a few months ago on the radio was the sole reason for me devouring the entire nine season series of OTH in a month's time. Powerful stuff, people. Also the world's greatest show.)

When this new album 'Make A Move' came out, I was really excited because I had already heard the first single, 'Best I Ever Had' on satellite radio and consumed myself with it. The album only has eleven songs, but I really genuinely love every single one of them. He's always had a blusey undertone in his voice, but I think it comes out a lot more in this album, and there's the perfect mix of fast & slow, and happy & sad songs.

I love his first single, but I think it's on the radio a lot now, so I'll share one of my other favorites below, which is the namesake of the album.

Make A Move
Gavin DeGraw

October 28, 2013

apple cider sangria.

I am such a fall lover. I am obsessed with scarves and snuggling and pumpkin everything. Another love of mine for sure is spiced apple cider. Instead of drinking it plain though, I much prefer something with a little kick that will give me that fresh appley taste - enter sangria recipe.This is so simple to make, it involves a little bit of chopping and a little bit of pouring, so nothing crazy. You could make this right before you leave to go to a party as long as you do give it an hour of so in the fridge to give the apples some time to soak everything up, though that's not a major step. And if you're anything like me, you'll probably have most of this stuff around the house so it doesn't involve too much shopping.// 4-6 apples (I used gala because they were on hand, but any type of red apple does the job)
// 1 cup club soda
// 3 cups fresh apple cider
// 1 bottle pinot grigio (or any white really)
// 1/2 cup cognac or brandy (for the kick)1// chop up the apples and fill the bottom third or so of your pitcher.
2// add all of the liquid ingredients in no particular order.
3// stir well and leave in the fridge for about an hour before serving to let the apples soak if you have the time.

Nothing like the fresh taste of apples to get fall feelings rolling. Yum.

October 26, 2013


wearing ugg slippers, chunky scarves, tall boots, comfy leggings, and pom pom topped hats.
obsessing over my new monogrammed + studded cross body bag.
dressing max in the cutest fall outfits (and sometimes like danny from grease because it's too cute to resist).
trying not to stress out about being busy and overwhelmed with work and my lack of time to accomplish anything fun.
watching the new season of homeland, which just dropped a pretty awesome bomb last weekend.
missing my best friends and housemates from college already after our super sweet weekend in atlantic city.
getting ready for halloween with pumpkin carving and apple cider sangria (recipe to come).
hugging max whenever I get the chance, and when he initiates one it's even better.
bursting with excitement waiting for the ed sheeran concert on tuesday at madison square garden (so. freakin. pumped.)
coming to terms with the ending of allegiant, the third and final book in the divergent series (thoughts, anyone?)
listening to one direction's new song 'story of my life' on repeat. it's so grown up and indie/folk sounding and I can't get enough of it.
becoming aware of what I put into my body with the help of weight watchers (I did it in high school and didn't really have the capacity to understand what the benefits were, now I'm realizing how perfect it is for me at this stage in the game).
wishing I had more time to DIY because fall is my favorite time for it.
snacking on almonds, mandarin oranges, and apples with cinnamon like it's my job.
missing my man, but loving that I finally booked my flight for christmas so we can count down to a specific date (december 20!)

loving that fall is finally here in all of it's glory and that sweating walking out my front door is off the table.

October 8, 2013

currently loving: leggings.

I have always had a bit of a love affair with leggings. They're soft, warm, slide perfectly into a pair of boots, are easy to fold and put away, and most of all they're comfortable. Leggings are always my go to, but in past years I have really focused on just plain black leggings that go with everything. This fall I have taken my love affair to new levels, and don't plan on stopping the crazy train any time soon.
top: leggings that I own: 1. my classic blacks and favorite brand from target / 2. subtle flowered leggings from h&m / 3. classic jersey leggings from h&m in burgundy / 4. tribal print, also my favorite brand from target / 5. rose print leggings from forever 21 (I have these in a very similar pattern but they have more black space and the flowers are pink with light green leaves) / bottom: leggings that I'm lusting after: 6. faux leather leggings (I'm not sure if I could pull these off but I want to so bad) from forever 21 / 7. sweater leggings from target / 8. acid-washy, tie-dyey from h&m / 9. leopard print from forever 21 / 10. striped cream and black from h&m (I need to get my hands on these babies).

I love fall so so much, and being able to wake up every morning and slide on a pair of leggings followed by one of my favorite pairs of boots is absolute bliss.