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January 31, 2014


Feeling inspired and ready to do more of what I love throughout the upcoming months.
Getting in touch with my dslr on a more regular basis.
Ticking off items on to-do list after to-do list like a boss.
Reading the Cuckoo's Calling from my paperback lust list.
Wishing away this freezing cold NY weather (more about this in my post from yesterday).
Pinning things on pinterest that I know I will actually use/do/try etc. so that my boards aren't getting clogged up with so much stuff that I forget what I pinned only a few days before.
Planning things to do with R when he's visiting for Valentine's day and the week that follows.
Absolutely loving project life and the idea of my finished album(s) at the end of this year.
Watching New Girl episode after episode and fearing catching up with the live season. Thank you, netflix, for yet another addictive series at my complete and utter disposal 24/7.
Listening to Bastille and Daughter on repeat.
Drinking water with strawberries again on the reg #delish.
Cleaning my over cluttered closet out this weekend.
Using a new beauty oil that is making my skin feel baby soft and super hydrated.
Dreaming about California.
Connecting with my one little word and trying to grow and expand in every aspect of my life.

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