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January 17, 2014

friday link love | 1.

Fridays are for web browsing because it's basically the weekend, right? Here are a few links I've visited over the last week or so:

// this video of an adorable little baby's first year of life made me sob.
// I am about to buy 6,347,201 cards off of etsy because I can't find any super cute ones anywhere else (this one + this one are my favorites for valentine's day).
// I'm not sure how I just discovered this site, but I'm obsessed.
// I joined this gym this week, and if you have one near you I recommend them. They have a movie theater! You can't evendread working out if it's in a movie theater.
// this recipe is going to be a new favorite, I can feel it in my baking equipment.
// I'll take a set of these for my iphone 4s in gold, please.
// Alx James is my favorite viner (follow him if you have vine, he's too funny), and this is in my top five faves of his videos.
// I would love to have these in my home for special occasions, or even just every day dinners.
// a parody of Lorde's Royals featuring a furry pooch.

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