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January 7, 2014

he + she: a breakdown.

My two week England vacation is over, the Christmas season has sadly passed us again, and it's a brand new year that holds the promise of possibility. I'm really excited about this upcoming year because I actually feel that there is so much room for change, bettering, and expanding in most areas of my life (more on that at the end of this week). I left R in tears (as usual), but we have a mere 38 days between now and our next visit together. If you're not quick with math, he'll be arriving here on valentines day! I don't think valentines day is that big of a deal, but we've only spent half of ours together and when we're apart I feel just as bad on the day as if I were single. I just love that when we're together I have the excuse to celebrate us wholeheartedly.

Anyway, as usual, our time spent together was short and fleeting, as is the case with most long distance relationships, so during our together time we always try to plan for the future (our next visit, events, parties). And this time, I think we might finally be getting somewhere. So here's what's going on with us as a result:

HE is going to finish out his first year of teaching until July, but in the meanwhile is applying to jobs in the US. Specifically a job in Washington DC at an English curriculum school for American kids. Private schools are his only option until he gets a green card or citizenship and has the opportunity to become certified in a US state, so one of these English schools would be a perfect solution to get his foot in the door and maybe even be a more permanent solution if he was blessed enough to get a position and love it.

SHE is definitely going to be Max's nanny until at least September. Job applications will begin soon, (cue fear, frustration, and denial) hopefully in an elementary school with great kids who are willing to learn. Where the school is located depends on his success with applications and interviews. She can't wait to have a place of her own, and this seems like the year for that, but without him, who would she live with?

HE + SHE both hope that all of this boring career talk can lead to a solid job for each of them, a new place to live no matter what state said jobs end up in, and an end to long distance for good. 

Hooray 2014! Cross your fingers for us, please :)

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