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January 30, 2014

moving to california.

This past week I was in California with my employers to be an extra set of eyes and hands to take care of Max. I've always had kind of an infatuation with California and have desperately wanted to visit my whole life. When I was asked to go on this trip I hid some of my excitement so that they didn't reconsider after witnessing my craziness, but on the inside I was exploding. That one week in California was all that I hoped it would be and more, even without being with my friends or R and being able to explore at my leisure. I'm not making any rash decisions now, especially because I love my job and I'm so broke it's ridiculous, but with the snow falling outside my window and my car dusted with a fresh layer to scrape off, it's becoming harder and harder to think of reasons why I wouldn't pack up and move tomorrow. So here's my rough pro/con list as of now.

// it's always sunny. Like, always.
// the winter weather feels like a sunny fall day, which is my favorite type of day.
// though the summers are hot, they don't have the same type of humidity that we have on long island, which is what makes summer so completely unenjoyable here.
// palm trees. not pine trees, palm trees.
// you can see dolphins just driving by the ocean. It's insane that my first ever dolphin sighting was sitting in the back seat of a car on the way to lunch.
// taxes are lower in every way.
// the likelihood of spotting Leonardo DiCaprio and marrying him will drastically increase.
// the likelihood of spotting any of my celebrity crushes and marrying them will drastically increase.
// I can run outside all year long instead of on a treadmill, which absolutely kills my motivation.
// I thrive in terms of productivity on sunny days.
// More light = better photography than my small-windowed NY house in the winter.
// a new adventure is always fun, especially if I have R in tow (I think he'd be mad if I left him behind).
// new friends! new coffee shops! more of my favorite things in a new place! NEW!
// all of my friends and family will be a plane ride away.
// fresh inspiration for every part of my live.
// a move like this is a challenge and screams growth (grow is my one little word for the year), which is scary but more so exciting.

// most of my friends are in new york, and if they're not, they live somewhere on the east coast.
// my parents live here, but to be honest they're ready to move right after retirement, so that could turn into a pro.
// moving is hard enough without going cross country.
// I would have to get a lot of basic things that I don't own because I live at home. I'd have to do that anywhere I move to, but it's a lot harder to move everything back if I decide to east coast it again.
// I don't know if I'll be able to get certified and find a teaching job in California by the next school year.
// to visit R's family flights become double the price and double the distance and time. But an extended stopover in NY wouldn't kill us to break up the traveling days.
// I feel NY in my bones, I've always been a New Yorker forty minutes from the greatest city in the world and it might be a little sad to give that up (even though I rarely find myself in the city).
// the Yankees will be so far away and games won't be easily accessible anymore. But hey, I can be a Yankee fan in another state and visit them when they play in California.
// the culture shock mixed with moving and trying to find a job could potentially be too much to handle all at once.Most of the cons I've listed I found I could easily put a "but...", which to me is almost a pro. There really isn't that much stopping me from this move. The biggest things would obviously not having my friends in the same neighborhood anymore and not living with my parentals, but we all have to fly the coop sometime and we all have to come to terms with not living a few houses down from each other anymore (I think we all struggle with the imminent reality of that one, but such is life I suppose). On the overall, I think I have way more pros and I feel so much more excited than scared at idea of it all. I'm very excited, stay tuned.

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