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January 14, 2014

tunes tuesday // bastille.

I've had this album, Bad Blood, for a while now but I'm finally really starting to vibe with it. I initially loved their single 'Pompeii', which is the first song on the album. Now that it's been on the radio a bit I went back to the whole album a few weeks ago to give it another listen. I'm so glad that I did or I might have forgotten how good it actually is. It's a very similar sound to Thirty Seconds to Mars but without all of the theatrics of their songs. It's good running music, which is a plus, and it's good music to have in the background of other things. I definitely recommend this album, it's a winner.
Even though I love the whole album, 'Pompeii' was the first song I heard and it's still definitely my favorite even though it's the single. It just gets me so pumped up and makes me want to sing at the top of my lungs (which I do in the car, I must look like an idiot). Give it a listen if you haven't heard it on your local radio station and if you like it give the album a chance. The lyrics are great for every song and the music is upbeat and fun. They don't reinvent the wheel with their sound on every song - they definitely know what works for them - but they're not all so similar that it's a bad thing. 


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