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February 13, 2014

gold clipboards + a freebie printable share.

I saw this freebie calendar after clicking through a bunch of blog roll links one day in late January and knew that I had to have it on my wall somewhere. It's simple, classic, + clean. I have a few clipboards that I bought a while back (when my spray painting addiction began) that I had intended on spraying gold to replace the silver clip, and as soon as I saw this calendar and the way it was displayed on a clipboard I remembered I had them.

I wrapped the area around the clip and edges of the clipboard with washi tape and clipped in a piece of paper to cover the rest. I sprayed the clip gold in record time in the 18* weather when the sun was of course blocked by the house, and left it to dry completely in the shed (common sense, but don't bring freshly spray painted items into a closed up room in your house, it stanks and isn't great to inhale).I printed the calendar pages on cardstock and clipped them in. Simple + addicting (the spray painting, that is). The wall in the top picture (in all it's disgusting purple glory) is above my desk and hopefully going to become a gallery wall as soon as I can grab some of my dad's free time to help me out because I'm a novice at things like hanging frames and canvases. Stay tuned for a million more spray painted projects in the near future - I went a little crazy and my mind is still rolling through ideas of things that would look better gold.

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