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February 12, 2014

homemade lipstick cards.

For this project I resolved two issues: 1/ target kind of failed me with the cute cards this year and there are not enough hours in the day to run to paper source almost 30 minutes away; 2/ I have a lipstick buying addiction and not enough places to go to put them all to use. I saw this diy on the glitter guide that used lipstick prints for wrapping paper, a bouquet wrapper, or an envelope liner, and it got my gears turning about my valentine's day cards this year.I took a piece of plain white printer paper and with different lipsticks kissed lip prints all over the page. Then I scanned the page and cropped off dark edges left by the scanner. I then printed on epson matte presentation paper to give it a more stationary feel, but plain paper works just fine, especially if you are making a lot. First I printed a full page to see what the quality would be, which is now a cute 8x10 print to hang on the wall with some washi tape. To make the folding card I created another 8x10 canvas in photoshop and pasted the image only onto the bottom half of the canvas so that I could make either vertical or horizontal cards.Print, fold, write, repeat. Simples. This project is so quick and easy, doable in a matter of minutes if you have lipstick and a scanner/printer handy.Warning: your lips will be sore after this project #createthroughthepain. Download my lipstick print to avoid the excessive need for lip balm by clicking on the photo below:
*for personal use only, please.

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