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March 20, 2014

card obsession.

1. hello gorgeous by rifle paper co. // 2. awkward love card by emilymcdowelldraws. // 3. PB&J anniversary card by happydappybits. // 4. every day is the best day card by paper generation. // 5. birthday candles card by rifle paper co. // 6. perfect pair card by paper source. // 7. I'd be lost without you card by anthropologie. // 8. naughty anniversary card by rowhouse14.

I love sending cards and handwritten notes to friends and family, especially to R because he lives so far away and sometimes it's just nice to say I miss you with a note rather than over text. I feel like the art of the handwritten note has been compromised due to technology, but I'm determined to keep it a part of my life, and these retailers and etsy shop owners are on the same page. For my 25 things adventure, one of the challenges that I set myself is to write a handwritten note to a friend at least once a month. And to me, that doesn't really count as birthday cards (unless it's someone you normally don't send a card to) because you usually are reminded to send one anyway. This is more of a "just because" attitude that I'm trying to engrain in my mail sending habits. Some of the cards above are ones that I would consider buying and sending (along with literally everything else on all of the websites because they're so freakin' cute. I already bought number seven!) and intend to in order to complete my small goal for this year of my life. If I had to choose a favorite of all the above locations, I would have to say rifle paper co. gets my vote simply because they have what I think to be the most variety in terms of the styles that I already know I love. I bought this card and this card last summer and framed them in small white frames because they were just too nice not to showcase! There really is nothing like happy snail mail to make someone's day, and that's what I intend to do more this year.

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