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March 28, 2014


getting back into the groove after a four day fight against spring allergies.
working on a couple of new ideas to reopen my empty etsy shop very soon.
loling (it's a verb) every time I watch this video (2:47 soooo many chins).
reading the goldfinch, which is taking a while because it's so long, but man, it is well written.
enjoying this image as my phone background because, I meeeaaaaaaaan, really.
craving soup all the time.
hating that the spring weather from last week is nowhere to be found this week (since I'm paying for it through my allergies anyway).
listening to queen bey on repeat.
working on my 25 things whenever appropriate and actively thinking about my OLW intentions daily.
thinking about my next tattoo and tossing around a few different ideas.
wanting to see divergent in theaters again because even though I have mixed feelings about the rest of the series, this adaptation was fantastic.
blowing my nose, then max's nose, then mine again #helloallergyseason.
watching parenthood on netflix, sooo goooood.
baking these, these, and these in the near future.
feeling a little bit run down, but a nice break from the norm is a good way to fix that.
starting to get really excited that R will be here in just over a week.
planning a new blog series/feature that will begin once I'm completely back on my feet.
joining the frozen family after finally renting it on demand - I jumped on the wagon - it's so great!
loving watching max really grow both physically and emotionally these past few weeks. He seriously changes in the blink of an eye and is becoming more and more of a little person.
waiting ever so patiently for spring's arrival so I can be outside and put my coats away. It's enough now, winter.

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