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March 6, 2014

framed t shirts.

Last year for my birthday R gave me this adorable tee with different glasses printed on, with the last name of the person who made that style famous. I adore it, but it just really never fit right on my body, the sleeves were cuffed weird and you could feel them in your underarm, which was uncomfortable. But I didn't want to get rid of it because I loved it so much, so almost a year later I finally picked up a shadowbox frame (similar) in a two pack and decided to frame it. I used a slice of a cardboard box to wrap the shirt around, then tucked the edges into the shadowbox as flat as possible before closing it in. When working with a tee it's very easy to get a wrinkle in it or not fill out the corner all the way, so make sure to pull tight and fill in the corners with the extra material. Other than those few steps, that's it! Close the back and hang it up.For the second frame, I chose an old tank from forever 21 that I love, but it was getting a little gross and before it had to be thrown out I decided I would stop wearing it and frame it because it's adorable. This is a cute idea to do with old college tees or even as a gift if your boyfriend or hubby wears the same gross shirt all the time because he loves it so much. Just frame it and you both win!I hung these two up along with the gold clipboard + free printable calendar that I clipped into it, and plan on getting a lot more onto that disgusting purple wall over my desk. It's livened up the space for sure and is a lot prettier to look at than bare wall, no matter what color it may be.

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